Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weekly Challenge ~ Inspiration Avenue

Do What You Love
The challenge this week at Inspiration Avenue
is to think about what you have accomplished in 2010
and what you hope to do in 2011 ~ to imagine
what you may be looking back on
as you write a blog post one year from now
on December 31, 2011.

Oh, too hard, I thought.
I'll use the excuse of being far too busy
with the holidays, settling in from a 10-day trip,
yada yada yada. Just not enough time!

But of course it comes down to the wire
and I realize I can't miss the opportunity
to get myself some goals for the new year.
If not now, then when will I do it? 
Never, naturally!

So thank you Linda of Becklee Cottage Designs!
It's the perfect challenge at just the right time!

I'm going to try to make this short.
Even though I can't see you, I don't want to
imagine anyone's eyes rolling back in one's head
and forehead hitting the desk as you pass out  
from excruciating boredom. Ha.

In 2010, I am so happy that I:

Began to take some art classes, namely Suzi Blu's
and the lovely and generous Tam's of Willowing.
Suzi is responsible for helping me discover that
my long-ago love of creating art is still alive.
That it's OK to do what you love. 

Continued sharing with all my wonderful
friends at Inspiration Avenue.
Actually, before I discovered that I love taking
online art classes, you all were the "inspiration"
that prompted me to return to making art in the first place!
From Tam's Art, Heart and Healing class

Even though this isn't a complete look at 2010,
I'm going to move on to 2011:

I have been selling digital images in my Etsy shop
for nearly 2 years, and although it's not
making me rich, it's gratifying
to know that people enjoy them and
are using them to create their own artwork.
But this year, I am hoping to begin
selling my own art 
What I have to figure out
is exactly how to do that. Will it be online,
or somehow in "person", a brick and mortar shop,
craft shows, hmmm...I'd love to hear opinions
on the way my readers sell their art! 
It seems it's very hard to sell art on Etsy...

I will be taking more classes in 2011.

I'm going to try to enter more
No excuses, there are so many intriguing
ones out there, and they are great
for kick-starting one's creativity! 

I have a difficult time working in a sketchbook,
so I'm going to try harder with that.
All that blank paper!! 
I always want to go right to paint and canvas,
never mind sketching. But a 
can be a work of art in itself .
 There is a great new challenge,
that I may give a go. There is a theme
every month, go check it out!

Did I say this would be short? 
My apologies, if you are still here.

All of these goals have to do with my art.
I won't list my other resolutions here, 
although I do have a few more.
Except for a last one, very important!
It has to do with
starting and finishing

Me, dithering

I dither around, thinking too much
and I only start half of what I want to do.
Then I only finish half of what I started.
I'm no math wizard, but I think that comes out to 
completing just a quarter of my ideas! Bleh.
So, perhaps this will be the hardest
challenge of all, but I will work on it!

Visit Inspiration Avenue today (and everyday :)
to see the inspired entries in the weekly challenges.
Join us, if you don't already, with your own entry.
Rules are on the IA sidebar (Very few rules, I promise) 

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Love your wonderful paintings! So glad you found your artist self again in 2010! Selling online or at art shows each has it's own challenges, but I think you could do both! I say go for it!! Happy 2011, I hope it brings you much success! Michele

  2. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz Ha! Ha! Only joking Maggie. I read every word and felt like I'd been on such a similar journey with all that inspiration from 'the avenue' and our shared art teachers. How great that we're on other sides of the world yet still can join in on the same classes. I adore that picture you did of the friends - especially the one with the red hair and your pic up top has just inspired me to go and finish something I've been working on right now!

  3. What lovely paintings and a wonderful post. It's great to see a list of things to accomplish-not a list of things to give up for the New year. I too am ready to take more classes and try to branch out. All the best to glad i found your blog today. :0)

  4. awww maggie :)
    love visualizing you contemplating while writing this post... that's the image i got in my head while reading it :) you know ... i really love what suzi blu has done to you. the work you are producing are whimsical and beautiful ... but most of all, it exudes positive vibes, happiness, innocence and when i see it, it reminds me of my carefree childhood.

    i dunno about selling art on etsy ... is it difficult? i've always made art sort of "usable". you know, make them into books, jewelry, coasters etc. i've never had the inclination to make art as art ... up until recently. guess you know which ones i'm talking about. lately, i've been "visiting" lots of "masters" online, like michael demeng, seth apter, gary reef and judy wilkenfeld ... i guess it sort of influenced me that i should make art as just art. i know why i don't make art as art, it's becos i have no confidence in them as art ... so i tag journals, coasters, jewelry along with art. i dunno if i have the confidence now still, but something is propelling me into just making art period. i just listed my first piece on etsy. dunno if they'll sell, but most things DON"T sell anyway, so i'll not let "won't sell anyway" stop me from trying.

    hmmm... i wonder why i'm rambling! this should be a blog post, not on someone's comments page ... sorry!! ^_^ :)

    anyhow, may you have a creative and successful year ahead with regards to your resolutions :) and good health, happiness and brightest blessing to you and the family :)


  5. Very exciting resolutions Maggie - especially selling your art!

    I do a few "real life" exhibitions each year but sell mainly online (mostly etsy). It is hard with art, but there's definitely an "etsy look" and I think your style would do well there. Go for it!!

    From a fellow ditherer! xx

  6. Boy, can I relate to "dithering." I believe your math is correct and I'm afraid I fall into that category myself.

    I have yet to sell anything, so I can't say how I'm going to do it, but my first instinct is to begin by selling on my own blog, then attend a few live shows. Of course, I could dither around and not figure anything out, or change my mind and go in a completely different direction. As you can see, I'm no help at all, except to give you an A in new math!

  7. I am so blessed to know you to exclaim over your talent and commiserate on our dithering...
    you rock, Maggie!

  8. Maggie,
    I love all your goals and am SO excited that one of them is to start selling your art! Are you opening a seperate Etsy shop or just planning to have different sections for your art? I can't wait to follow your process. And I too feel so blessed for the weekly inspiration from the avenue. I LOVE our team!

  9. I am always inspired by people who know what they love and pursue it--good for you!


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