Sunday, January 30, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

Broken Pieces
I found out after I came up with this challenge last week
that I have far less broken items than I thought I did.
Though I'm a saver of things I might need someday,
apparently I only save what's still in one piece!

I have been saving this broken plate for years though
because it was far too pretty to throw away.
It was sent to me (unbroken!) by my aunt
along with 3 others, wrapped in a quilt.
Either she didn't write me a note to
say the plates were in the quilt, or I neglected to read it,
and the plates came crashing out on the floor.
Three of them shattered on the spot.
I guess I'm lucky one is still intact.

Anyway, I finally found a use for the pieces.
This is my brokenhearted princess, surrounded by 
cold stone, snow, and with darkness descending.
But there is hope for the future in the tiny red roses
still blooming among the stones.
Plus, with a red camellia in her hair, how could
she be completely brokenhearted!

I've been so amazed by the beautiful,
creative entries this week at Inspiration Avenue.
Stop over and check them out.
They will all be posted Sunday afternoon,
as soon as I finish this post here and pop on over there.
Thanks for looking!  


  1. Wow, this is wonderful! It was well worth waiting for :). I love the design, and the fact that it's actually made from broken pieces.

  2. Now this is a great idea. I have so many OLD dishes that are cracked, etc. Great piece.

  3. I love your picture you created and reading the story with it. But when I look at her now, I see her sadness and broken heart over her broken plates and now she has cherished memories from the pieces that she saved! :)

  4. I love this piece!!! It is absolutely stunning!!! Great idea, great work!

  5. Maggie! This piece is incredibly pretty!
    I love the story, too.
    I love your restraint...I think I would have been compelled to use all of the bits and muddle everything.
    It is truely beautiful. If this princess has hope for spring, I believe it too!!!

  6. This piece reminds me of a song called "Broken Wings" -of course the band's name escapes me. But the words go 'take these broken wings and learn to fly again, learn to live so free..."

  7. Beautiful image! I love how creatively you used all the different elements!

  8. This piece is awesome. She looks so sad. You captured it perfectly. I have been wanting to do a mixed media piece using my broken china even before Mermaids. I don't know whats taking me so long. But anyway yours is beautiful and I really love the challenge idea too.

  9. Gorgeous use of the plate.
    My friend's house burned down and her mother's china was broken in the process. She saved the good pieces to make a mosaic. I was impressed by her creativity to save such pretty broken things.

  10. I didn't play this week...even though I have tons of broken bits. LOL This is great Maggie except for the broken heart.

  11. I was sad not to have been able to post to this challenge in time. But as can be seen on my blog I had the opportunity of a mini break away that I couldn't refuse!

    I love this collage. Beautiful use of materials & the explanation that goes with her being a 'broken hearted' princess is wonderful.

    Kat :-)

  12. It's funny that it came in a quilt--right away it reminded me of "How to Make an American Quilt" when she used all her broken dishes and bobbles to decorate her laundry room. :0) really pretty and interesting piece.


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