Friday, January 21, 2011

What's New on Etsy

What I've Been Doing Lately
It seems I've spent more time since the new year filling
up my Etsy shop than working on my art.

I thought I'd post some of my new digital sheets
and then get busy with some painting or mixed media project.
At least I hope to...maybe if I clear off my art table
so I can at least see the top I'll be more inspired.
Hmmm. Maybe my muse is asleep under there.
I shall go look.

In the mean time...
Here are some new sheets available in my shop:
You can see them HERE.

Have a cozy weekend!


  1. Gorgeous work Maggie! I am off to take a peek!


  2. Wow..these are so beautiful and dazzling ..super talented you are..these are all outstanding and inspiring creations!! Shine on!Yay....just beautiful!

    And thanks so much for yoru lovely visit and kind words!
    Hope you are enjoying this new year so far!

  3. Beautiful pages- I especially love the first two vintagey ones!


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