Monday, September 24, 2012

The Fairies' Tea Giveaway

I'm sure the fairies brought out another beverage when the tea was gone.
Something a bit magical liberally laced with fairy dust.
They had the most wonderful time and finished every last crumb
of the confections left from The Fairies' Tea.

Nothing will entice them to wake from their slumbers.
Who would think one could get comfortable on a tree branch?
But fairies are other-worldly, like cats, and find a 
tree branch to be the perfect place to relax.

Sweet dreams, little fae folk.

The winners have been drawn over at Inspiration Avenue
for The Fairies Tea giveaway prizes. Hop on over there to see them all
(maybe one of them is YOU!)

Here I will announce the winner of my mini travel journal ~

Congratulations, Jessica!
I hope you take a wonderful journey and fill the pages with awesomeness!

There is still one more giveaway!
It's a bracelet designed by Sharon of Plumrose Lane.
Drawing will be held October 1.
The post where you can read about the bracelet and sign up is 
Make your way through the fairies tea party, 
become a follower of this blog if you aren't already,
and sign up in the comments.
If you don't make it to The Fairies Tea post and sign up
here instead, I'll make sure to add your name to the draw!

Sprinkling fairy dust in your path...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Fairies' Tea and Giveaway

Step onto the garden path 
and make your way to The Fairies’ Tea!

 Fairy markers have been set up 
to help you find your way.

Some feathered friends will be there. . .

 Not far to go now. . .
Leave the path and step into the deep fairy forest. . .
(Can you feel yourself becoming smaller?)
© M. Nemetz

 A lantern will help light your way across the stream...

Don't worry about harming your party shoes ~
suddenly you are floating inches above the ground!
It grows darker 
just before you emerge on the other side . . . 

into a beautiful fairy garden, a perfect spot for 

Claude Monet

There is a place set for you

She's sitting alone . . . won't you join her?
Childe Hassam

Pick out your favorite confections!




Be sure to enjoy a soothing cup of tea with your goodies.

I'll have just one more cupcake . . . mmm, blackberry!

(After all, they ARE small. . . fairy-sized!)

It's almost like Monet's garden here, isn't it?
Claude Monet
Being practical, I always say:

°•°•°•°•°  Life is short, eat dessert first  °•°•°•°•°

But if you crave something “substantial”
(my mother's term which I always took to mean something she liked but I didn't :)
  these dainty sandwiches are not to be missed!

The fairies have lovingly crafted each one of these, 
and dare I say they have achieved perfection?

Claude Monet
The afternoon is moving on, and the sun's rays 
are tinting the garden with a golden glow.

You have other tea parties to attend and so, reluctantly, 
the fairies here will say farewell. Until next time!

I'm very late in posting my giveaway . . . I couldn't decide between two items, 
but have finally chosen this lovely bracelet because 

it's so fairy-like

and has wonderful autumn colors 

and I think you will love it!

This was created by Sharon of Plumrose Lane for her former shop, 
Manamoon Studios. Sharon does such exquisite work with her jewelry, 
especially her very own wire-wrapping technique.
Hint: you can find similar bracelets in  
Sharon's Plumrose Lane Etsy Shop
if you are not the lucky winner ;)

Everyone who has already commented will be entered in the giveaway 
as well as future commenters. Follow my blog if you are not already a follower! 
Tell your friends about this Fairies' Tea party post for an extra entry. 
Drawing will be held October 1, 2012.

Thank you so much for having tea with me and the Garden Fairies!
•°•°•°•°•°•°•  and the garden fairies  •°•°•°•°•°•°•

P.S. Please click the [source] links to visit the wonderful sites where these photos reside :)
Photos without a link are my own or are paintings in the public domain 
(Claude Monet and Childe Hassam).

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Round Robin Journal #6

Angie's Journal
Angie did a page with a scalloped edge at the beginning of her journal
and I thought it was so pretty. I should have posted a picture of it here,
but alas I have already sent her journal on its way.
Anyhow, I've done one of my own here at the 
beginning of my pages in her journal.

I tried my hand at an English robin, so different from the American robin,
the only similar characteristic being a red breast.

My American robin in Kim's journal.
I've just noticed that I put a crown on both birds!
I'm getting predictable...

 The crown is punched out . . . it looks different depending on the light in the photo.
Sunlight coming in behind it makes it look white:
The poem on the front is by Wordsworth:

Art thou the bird whom man loves best,

The pious bird with the scarlet breast,

Our little English robin;

 The bird that comes about our doors,

 When autumn winds are sobbing?

Happy weekend, everyone!

Stop back for a cup of tea on Sunday ~
it's the Fairies' Tea Party!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

29 Faces in September

Face 3
I'm woefully behind on posting 29 faces in September.
How did it get to be September 18 so soon?
But I am going to keep going and even will attempt to catch up.
Of course that will mean taking 2 whole days to do
nothing but paint faces. Alright. . . realistically,
more than that, considering how long it takes me to complete a face.

This is a journal page...more on that in a different post :)


Don't forget The Fairies Tea is this weekend!
Read about the 7 giveaways in the post below this one :)
 Or, if you are here from 29 Faces, the post below will be another face, duh!
In that case, click the invitation in the right sidebar 
to read all about The Fairies' Tea :)


Monday, September 17, 2012

The Fairies’ Tea Party is this Sunday, September 23!

The Fairy Queen is hoping you'll attend!
to see this and other enchanting handmade dolls.

 Another faery from Monines Faeries

Most fairies have no patience, wanting everything right away,
and some have become very anxious for the date of the party to arrive!
They are fairly wringing their hands with anticipation
and hoping for this week to pass quickly. 

But party day will come soon enough, little fae folk.

Let's take another look at the lovely presents 

 you will be giving away come Sunday:

Everyone loves a giveaway!

What about SEVEN giveaways?

Join The Fairies’ Tea 
for a chance to win one of these 7 prizes.
Information on how to win is at 
Inspiration Avenue right now. . .

Click HERE to go to Inspiration Avenue and
the Fairies’ Tea party page.

While you are on the Giveaways Page,
pick up some free party favors
posted right before the giveaways!

guidelines for party participation are HERE.

We hope you will join the fun!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Save the date! The Fairies’ Tea is September 23!

Teatime is fast approaching and the fairies are
checking their tea services and putting together
prizes, frippery, and finery that will delight and astonish you! 

The tiniest fairies have been sent out to play among the lilypads
so as not to be underfoot whilst the preparations are underway.

Don't worry ~ 
there will be 
plenty of seating
and room 
for everyone!

You won't believe how
comfy a toadstool is!

Visit Inspiration Avenue for all of the info on the tea party and blog hop,
and to register to win one of seven wonderful prizes!
Or click the badge in the upper right sidebar.

The party will take place rain or shine.
But we have it on good authority that the fairies have been in touch with 
the Fairy Queen and Mother Nature (who both owe them favors)
and have been promised an exquisite day!

More info here this week on the lovely prizes up for grabs.
Stop back soon!