Sunday, January 9, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

A Midsummer Day’s Dream
The challenge this week at Inspiration Avenue

Do You Dream in Color?

I know I must, but I rarely remember what I dream.

So, coupled with the view outside my window
which practically has no color,
and my longing for the lazy warm days of summer,
I chose green to depict a summer's daydream.

I would never say green is my favorite color,
maybe because there are so many different hues of green
that one can't possibly like all of them.
But green may be the one color I could never do without...
I can't imagine life without green.

I had some fun in Photoshop with this picture
of my backyard in summer.
Wouldn't I love to be daydreaming about fairies
hiding in the blackeyed susans while listening
to the trickle of the little fountain?
Ah, well, maybe in 4 or 5 months...

Thanks to Stephanie of Dragonfly Design Studios
for this colorful challenge!
Visit Inspiration Avenue to see all of the entries.

Gotta run, because as usual I'm late!



  1. Green is good for our spirits. This is very nice especially during grey winter skies.

  2. This may well be my favorite of all the entries! I too love the magic of my garden and your post brings to mind the love notes my daughters and I used to leave for the faeries.....ah Summer, where ARE you? I say this as we (in Georgia) are waiting to be "snowed in"- but you may be assured that we have plenty of bread and milk to sustain us :D I've never understood why that's what sells out in GA the minute snow is on the radar.....
    Have a great day!

  3. It took me a few seconds before I spotted the little fairy hiding amongst the greenery - what a wonderful surprise! This piece is colourful and pretty enough to cheer up even the greyest day! x

  4. How cute and clever of you to pick green, since if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the colors outside the windows are gray and neutral. You brought that perfect spark that was needed to this challenge.

  5. Oh Maggie...this is just what January needs...
    Hope for the Flowers!
    Black-eyed susans are my very favorite flower...
    then the faerie and the water fall and all of the perfect shades of green...
    OH! I just noticed the faeries on the bottom right! Really, a fantastic, happy piece.

  6. I almost didn't see the fairy. I love shades of green too but not all greens. I guess I don't really like all shades of most colors, now that I think about it. Never mind I am just rambling again.
    I too look forward to summertime. I love the sound of a fountain and soft windchimes in the garden.

  7. green's my fav color too! but like you say ... you can't love every green :) love the pic of your garden and that fairy just reminds me of enid blyton books!! fairies at the bottom of the garden :) how lovely!!

  8. The colors are beautiful in this picture, and I love the little fairy. What a sweet idea.

  9. Love green, nature and fairies :)

    Lovely picture. I can already feel the warm apring coming :)

    Thank You!



  10. I'm in full agreement about green. I adore spring with all the shades of green, winter is one bleak landscape of white. Boring.

  11. I'm daydreaming of color in the garden!

  12. Lovely picture to bring a bit of summery joy to my day :-) Green seems to be a popular choice on this challenge (me included). Perhaps it is because like you we've not seen as much green with all the wintery weather of late. Interesting idea to think about...

    Kat :-)


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