Monday, August 31, 2009

 Update: Supplies for Tutorials Exchange

Here are two of the creations from the Supplies for Tutorials Exchange. Thanks to Dotty at Totally Tutorials Blogspot for organizing the details! I'll post these as they are completed so you can see the amazing creations and learn how it's done!

These are from The Salty Cat Co. She has come up with two completely different ideas using the same collage sheet! The first is a set of magnets using a vintage vegetables collage sheet donated by me, Magpie Mine. Check out her blog,  The Salty Cat Co.   where she shows you exactly how to make these cute little refrigerator magnets.
Then, she made an awesome zipper pull with a steampunk theme, also using the veggie collage sheet. Looks like it's complicated to make but she shows you how easy it is in her tutorial. Two great ideas ~ Thanks Dana!!
Check them both out on her blog or at Totally Tutorials.

On a different note . . .
Collage sheet giveaway below goes through September 6! Enter now!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Autumn is On the Way! 

Summer is winding down. Signs are all around: children's voices from the bus stop in the morning, the potted plants looking a little overblown, the robins have been gone for three weeks now (why do they leave so early??) , and the nights are cooler (yay for sleeping and turning off the AC to get a fresh breeze in the morning).

So I've been perusing my favorites on Etsy and notice that I have many awesome things earmarked to buy someday (some are purely in my dreams when I get many more $$$$ than I have right now). But I was noticing a distinct theme that matches the mood and the season.

First is something I have had as a favorite thing for a while now. These are the most enchanting Fairy Doors! And the prices are ultra-reasonable! I don't know what I am waiting for, maybe to find the most perfect spot to put one, someplace the fairies hang out and would love a new entrance to their magical place. Visit NothinButWood and you will be enchanted too. We could all use a little more enchantment!

Next is something that even made my husband smile, and he is usually unmoved when I say 'you've got to come and see this cute/awesome/enchanting item I found on Etsy!' This guy looks exactly like his little cat Oliver right down to the stripes and the head-tilted smile! Marjji's Black Forest Cat conjures up images of autumn in the Black Forest, but it's no place for this innocent little cutie!

I am in love with charm bracelets and I didn't even know it until I was introduced to some amazing ones on Etsy. Here is one that I think is oo-la-la and it even has an autumn theme. KatherineCooper's Autumn Hedgerow Charm Bracelet makes autumn even more stunning than it already is. You will rival the flaming maple tree in your front yard when you wear this! And I'm not sure, but I'll bet it jingles enticingly when you move around. Well, I will have to dream on about this one...

Next and last one for today; I actually have to get some work done (horrors), but couldn't stop before including this.

I don't know what this has to do with autumn unless it is autumn baking, but this is too good to leave out. I love to bake (and eat) and I loved Julia Child, so it is all good. I love collages too, so there you go. Without further ado (I am much too guilty of ado) here is an enchanting collage from AnnaCreates. I love the sentiment in the quote. Life is too short to worry about fat, although too much fat might make life shorter altogether. There's an original quote from moi, sorry! This would be great hanging in a kitchen!

Adios for now. Have a happy and creative day!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Here are the talented artists who will be creating an art piece and tutorial in the Supplies for Tutorials Exchange:

In no particular order (OK, maybe alphabetical order ;)



Please visit soon to see their creations and tutorials!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


... and receive free supplies to do it with!

Scroll down for details and to enter.

I have made so many wondrous discoveries while researching this subject. It makes me want to throw away my computer and get out the scissors and glue. Oh wait, better keep the computer. I'll have to print out the images I want to use :)

Just look at what you can do with some paper images and an old book that you can pick up at a flea market or tag sale! Or how about jewelry? There are lots of options for making some awesome pendants!

Check out the Supplies for Tutorials Exchange below!

I'm giving away up to five collage sheets to 3-5 artist who would be willing to share their knowledge by making a tutorial to be published on Totally Tutorials Blogspot. The site gets tons of views per day, so would be great exposure for your talents. Just make an awesome art piece using the free collage sheets, then make a tutorial showcasing it.

Read the details below or post here to enter! You can also enter by sending a convo to magpiemine on Etsy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FREE supplies
for tutorials!

Calling all artists!!

Would you like to get your name and your work out there for the world to see? Would you be willing to share some of your techniques and tips?

No matter what your favorite way to be creative is, there are hundreds of things you can do with collage sheets! Let's see some of them!!

I am giving away up to FIVE of my collage sheets from my Etsy shop to artists/crafters who agree to make a creation of their choice, and then teach others how to do it! The only requirements are: you must use my collage sheets (free from me!) and you must make a tutorial to be posted on your blog (or if you don't have one, you can post it to Craftster, Instructables, or Cutoutandkeep). It will also be posted on Totally Tutorials and here on my blog. Just think of all the exposure for your talent! Totally Tutorials is a great site that gets 400-600 page views a day! More info about the tutorials at Totally Tutorials

Now, to get back to your
fantastic work of art:

You can create absolutely anything you like using my collage sheets. Use whatever other materials you wish along with them. Your creation can be jewelry, collage, mixed media pieces, altered books, assemblage, just to name a few. Whatever you like to create. It can be simple or more involved.
Good News: You can even sell your creation when it is completed!
The Extra Good News: the digital files are yours to print and use over and over after you do the tutorial!

Here is what to do:

  1. Post a comment here on my blog or send me a convo to magpiemineon Etsy.
  2. Tell me which collage sheets you would like to use (up to 5) from my Etsy shop magpiemine.
  3. Describe the item you want to create.
  4. Include the link where you will be posting your tutorial.

That's pretty much it until you get selected! Please respond by Thursday August 20, 2009. I will select from 3 to 5 artists to receive the freebie collage sheets. I'll be looking for a variety of prospective items, i.e. jewelry, greeting cards, journals, magnets, collage, assemblage, etc. I will contact the winners by Saturday, August 22.

If you are selected:

  1. I will email you the digital collage sheets of your choice.
  2. Begin making your art piece! When you are finished, make your tutorial. (Go to Totally Tutorials for some great tips on how to make a tutorial. I think there is even a tutorial about how to make a tutorial HA!) Try to finish the entire project in a couple of weeks, pretty please.
  3. Then post your tutorial (on your own blog or at Craftster, Instructables, or Cutoutandkeep). Include a link to my shop, so people can see where the collage sheets originated :). I will post a link to you so that my visitors can see the cool creation you have made, and also how to make a similar one via your tutorial. (I'll post photos on my blog of your finished piece also.) And send the link to Totally Tutorials so the lovely lady who originated this idea can post it there!

Enter here by posting as described above or send me a convo to magpiemineon Etsy. Post your questions here also. Please reply by August 20, 2009! Thanks for participating!