Friday, August 19, 2011

This week we've come full circle at Inspiration Avenue,
from sun kissed to


The theme is courtesy of Lisa of The Write Stuff.
I enjoyed thinking cool thoughts even though 
I'm not quite longing for winter. Not yet.
Autumn, maybe. . .

I'm hoping to get this posted in time for
It IS still Friday here, although just barely.
Go there and check out all the wonderful art bloggers
that have left a link for this week.

I don't have a story for this painting.
I don't know why the poor little fairy
has found herself lost and alone in a snowstorm.
Freezing cold without her coat.
At least she hasn't forgotten her mittens 
like those naughty kittens.
If she speaks to you and tells you why she's
trudging through the snow, would you let me know?

You may be stuck in a heat wave like so much of 
the Northern Hemisphere. If you are,
 go see all of the ICY entries at Inspiration Avenue.
Guaranteed to be refreshing!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

Sun Kissed
Poor little mermaid is sun kissed,
but she's sad because she never gets a suntan.
All that sun and she is as white as can be.
Her old grandmother tells her, 
"Just think how young you will look 
when you are 150 like me."
This doesn't make her feel happier.

She wants to sit on the rocks above and soak up the sun's rays.
Her mother thinks she will become involved with the
nasty sailors who cruise by every day if she goes up to the rocks. 
"Stay away from there,"  her mother says. 
"Those sailors are nobody you want to meet!"

The little mermaid is just sooo bored.
She's thinking about sneaking up to sit in the
summer sunshine, anyway. What could be so bad about
those sailors? Her girlfriends say they are trĂ©s handsome and 
very tan from being on the ship's deck all day.
Besides, she's looking forward to creating an
awesome new hairstyle while sunning on the rocks.
She's had enough of all these bad hair days...

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This week's theme is brought to us by the talented
Stephanie of Dragonfly Design Studios.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Paint Party Friday

Friday once again!
When I worked 9 to 5 in my little cubicle, I looked forward to Fridays.
I'm no longer punching the clock (at least for now)
but there's a new reason to love Fridays.
Paint Party Friday of course!

My sunflower was going to be for Inspiration Avenue's
"Sun Kissed" theme, but now I have another idea for that.
It involves something I started a long time ago,
and I'm hoping to have time to finish it before Sunday.

The sunflower needs some more work.
I'm not really happy with it.
It's acrylic paint on bristol board...
I think I can add a bit more paint
without the paper breaking down.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

The theme this week at Inspiration Avenue is

The Forest for the Trees

the inspiration of Judy,  from Judy Goddard, Artisan.

I love trees, and got to thinking about them.

I know it's easy to miss the big picture 
by concentrating too much on the details. 
The opposite is also true. Sometimes we miss 
something important by taking too broad a view. 

 Imagine . . . you're walking through the forest,
a chill wind blowing on a brisk November afternoon.
Leaves are underfoot, but none remain on the trees.
Easy to miss the entrance to a fairy domicile
tucked among the roots of an ancient oak tree. . .

Even though the lights are blazing and smoke 
from the cooking fire is pouring out of the chimney?
You might think the tiny lights and the moss-green door 
are some last bright autumn foliage.
And that pungent, smoky aroma . . . isn't that just
the smell of burning leaves in the November dusk?
Look a little closer. . .

If you knocked on the door to beg for some warmth
in the autumn chill, would you be invited in?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Lost and Found
Anthony of Padua with the Infant Jesus by Antonio de Pereda

I've always believed that miracles can and do happen.
I've even witnessed one or two.

But I can't say I've been one to pray to any given saint to
help me resolve a problem. Not since I was a student
at St. Thomas More School, anyway (back when dirt was new:).

Yesterday I lost my Sketchbook Project sketchbook.
Tore my art room apart looking for it and finally when
I was looking in the same hundred places for the
third time, I said to myself, how ridiculous is this...
if it wasn't there the first 2 times, it won't be there now.

So I gave up, and said a prayer to 
St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost articles. 
Not having any idea how or if my sketchbook would appear...
...skeptical, but hopeful and desperate enough to believe.
Some 15 minutes later, as I sat at my computer concentrating
on something else, a thought popped into my head from nowhere,
of one final place I hadn't looked.

You guessed it...there was my book sandwiched inside a stack of
Christmas CDs that I had quickly shoved into a drawer
with a bunch of camera paraphernalia. The book is small.
(come on Sketchbook Project People, 
couldn't you have sold us a slightly bigger sketchbook??)
I must not have seen that it was buried among the CDs.

This has truly amazed me, because I know for certain
I would not have found that book except by accident
at some much later date. When it was too late to
fill all the pages by the deadline.

Hmmm...has anyone else had such an amazing
experience with St. Anthony? Or, as I believe,
been allowed to tap into the power we have in our
brains by the energy that is "St. Anthony"?


OK, now for some BIGGER news than my lost sketchbook.
(Saving the best for last :)

Last Saturday, I was able to meet up with Lisa,
(of Priti.Studio) in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, US,
for those who live far far away).

Lisa had to travel here to pick up her daughter Mia,
who, amazingly, has been studying dance 
in Pittsburgh for the past six weeks. 

It started with a chair which sadly wasn't able 
to come because of size issues :)
But it was still a chance to meet up with one of my
Inspiration Avenue buddies and favorite artists.
Yay! Here we are in Oakland 
checking out the shops and restaurants.
Photo was taken by Lisa's friend Deb, 
whom it was also a pleasure to meet!
Deb is full of energy and kept us moving along.
(Lisa and I might just have stayed in the
used book shop 'til nightfall :)

The morning went quickly, and soon it was time for 
Lisa and Deb to go to Mia's performance.

So off they went, and off I went, picking up some
fresh corn for dinner on the way home.

All in all, a lovely Saturday!