Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hello, Spring

An appropriate theme this week at Inspiration Avenue,

hosted by Stephanie of Dragonfly Design Studios.

Even though it doesn't look much like spring around

here yet, we are all anxious to say Hello when it arrives!

This is a mixed media canvas (acrylic paint, paper, and graphite)

called Sisters.  I don't have a sister *sigh* but if I did

this is what it would be like ~ sharing  love, fantastical flowers,

and fun in the spring sunshine.

Of course "I" am the big one, and "she" would be the little one

Ha! I know things are not always perfect between sisters, 

but since I am dreaming . . .

(The "flowers" are from my 
Red Medallions collage sheet :)

Visit the Avenue on Sunday to see

all of the entries in the Hello Spring challenge!

Enjoy what's left of the weekend!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

An Irish Mermaid

It's a Happy St. Patrick's Day 
green theme this week!
This is a Irish mermaid-like sea nymph. 
Merrows have been around for millenia ~ 
they are quite beautiful with lovely long hair, 
white webs between their fingers,
and the lower body of a fish. They have a 
gentle disposition, and are known to lure young men
beneath the waves, where they live 
in an enchanted state.

A merrow wears a red cap which allows her to swim beneath
the waves. If she loses her cap, she cannot return to the water.
Merrows have been known to inter-marry with handsome
Irish fisherman...since male merrows are said to be
extremely ugly, who can blame them?
If their husbands hide their red caps,
they will live happily with their human family.
But if a merrow should recover her cap, she will
be compelled to return to the sea, leaving
husband and children behind, and never be seen again.

I've been wanting to paint a mermaid, 
since I never completed one while I was 
taking Suzi Blu's Mermaids class.
I was hoping to have it completed by
St. Paddy's Day, but 'twas not to be.

The Irish theme this week was brought to us by Pat
Check out her awesome photography!

Also visit Inspiration Avenue on Sunday
to see all of the green entries.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Journal pages...Parasol

I always think of pink as a girly girl's favorite color
so what came to mind for this challenge was exactly that!
I was never a girly girl...
Okay maybe for 5 minutes when I was three...

But this is a serious girly girl, the serious part I can relate to.
The (very cool) elephant came from a 
Martha Stewart magazine article. Wish I could remember what
the article was doubt something amazing that
no one could afford to own except Martha.
The girly girl drawing is mine, and the butterflies are from
a collage sheet in my shop (hint hint).

Black White and Pink was a fun challenge, 
thanks to Shelly of Pics by Shel.

I hope I am in time to post it, gotta run.

Check out the entries at Inspiration Avenue
on Sunday afternoon!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

Night View
The theme at Inspiration Avenue this week is "Celestial".
Two reasons I put this together quickly:
One, I was short of time (of course)
and two, I wanted to paint something looser without
getting caught up in painstaking details.
Just let it flow, so to speak :)

So I slapped on the sky with watercolor crayons
and added the leaves in the foreground the same way.
I think the leaves would have benefitted from
some more painstaking-ness...
But, it is what it is hah.

In Photoshop I added a few more stars and the angel.
I think, all considered, it makes me want to
experiment more with some quick paintings.
It was fun, and with not a lot of time invested,
doesn't have to be "perfect".

This week the entries in the challenge are awesome!
I've seen most of them, and if you visit Inspiration Avenue
Sunday afternoon, you are in for a treat!