Sunday, January 23, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

Waiting for June

Another fun challenge over at Inspiration Avenue,
this time brought to us by Judy.

What month is your favorite above all others?

I had to think a bit about this which is why I am late.
In fact, this piece is not finished but I'm hoping I can
squeeze it in under the wire and work on it some more later.
It's a spread in a board book I am working on.
I scanned it rather than photographing it to save time, 
and it doesn't fit completely in the scanner.
Ugh, I am such a dweeb.

is clearly my favorite month 
now that I have given it some thought.
I can not find anything wrong with June, at all!
It's a wonderful time in the garden dreaming about 
all the delicious things you have planted.
Savoring the flowers, which you know will look
even better in July. Listening to the bees
busily buzzing around, doing their work.

May is my birthday month, but I arrived a bit
early (last time I've been early for anything ha)
and I was meant to be born in June.
Meant to be a Gemini rather than a Taurus.
But as it is, Gemini is my rising sign.

May is sometimes lovely, but I remember
so many Mother's Days when the weather 
has been trying to go right back to winter.
In June, the cold weather is pretty much over.
So, June comes out on top as my
favorite month of all time.

Update on January 24:
I forgot to mention something about June.
It's really my absolute favorite thing about it...
my mind must have been weighted down
under the January darkness to have forgotten it:
all of that wonderful daylight during the
longest days of the year! Divine!

What's your favorite month?
Visit Inspiration Avenue to see
lots of other favorite months!
It promises to be intriguing!


  1. what a charming piece!
    Since I love flowers this is a favorite month too for me!
    All those new flowers popping up and green leaves on the trees!!

  2. Maggie, I picked July, but now you have talked me into June...almost.
    And you are NOT a dweeb! You are fabulous...a real strength to me.

  3. Your book board design is beautiful, and the color combination looks so cheerful! June is an awesome month with the summer weather :) One of my favorite months is December, because it's reunion time with my family. Hope you have a great week!

  4. I must agree, June with all her bouquets of flowers does still my heart as well. It is a lovely month and I might change my mind from February to June....and then there is October..oh gosh...every month has it's treasures, except maybe July and it's so stinking hot here in July.
    Have a great week!

  5. Love your piece. I love the bee and how the words are shaped like the fly pattern. I love June too, it has been a month we have taken many family trips. This is a beautiful piece.

  6. I like seeing your June Princess sitting upon her throne surveying all around her!

  7. I look at your princess and see someone eagerly awaiting June. And, I do love pie! 80)

  8. June is a beautiful month for is your art. I always love your art.

  9. This piece is gorgeous, finished or not. And June is another perfect month. Not too hot, and never cold. Perfect addition to the IA Challenge.

  10. This is wonderful- I always forget that size *does* matter when is comes to scanning- but it doesn't make you a dweeb!
    You've captured the way it feels to be sitting in your garden surveying the beauty that you've created- and enjoying a piece of pie while doing said surveying is not a bad thing at all!
    I picked April because that's when things are just coming back to life here, but June could just as easily fit the bill for me!

  11. A lovely depiction of June, Maggie - I can almost feel the hazy sunshine on my face! The colors and images you've chosen are perfect.


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