Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Magical Journal Journeys ~ First Stop!

I've finished my pages in Gemma's journal. 
We've all chosen colors for our journals and Gemma
chose purple. She told us we could also use splashes of
magenta, turquoise, lime green, and orange.
As you can see, a bit of a splash is not in my repertoire
and I kind of got carried away. Most probably because I love all of 
those colors and they look smashing with purple!

I added 2 pages at the back with a pocket for tags.  
I just realized I forgot to photograph my tag.
Oh well, 'twill be a bit of a surprise then :)

I'll be packing this up to send to Priti Lisa this week
and in another week or so I'll receive Stephanie's.

In other news. . .
Apple has informed me that my hard drive is being recalled.
So I will be taking my computer down to the the Apple Store
to have them put a new one in. I have to back up everything on my computer
because what I'll get back is a completely blank one :(
I know some people back up their files regularly. I am bad and I do not.
Let this be a lesson to me. The silver lining is that I was forced to go out and buy 
an external hard drive for back up, and now it will happen automatically.

Why am I telling you this? I will be computer-less for 2-5 days
while the Apple geniuses do their work. Not that you would miss me...
the post right before this was 2 weeks ago. But just in case.

Which reminds me to say I will also be out of town for a bit in April,
so you actually might wonder. 

Have a superb week! 
Make art every day


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tags from the Heart
Tag Swap!

I love the tags I received in Inspiration Avenue's Tag Swap last month!

This week everyone is showcasing the 3 tags they received in the swap.
(And/or posting tags not done for the swap.)

The color red and the heart motif are two of my favorite elements in art.
And the swap was full of both, since February is American Heart Month
and of course contains Valentines Day too ♥♥  Oddly, I went a different
direction with a couple of my own tags and didn't use much red.
But the ones I received had plenty of both!

This one is from Lou Anne:
Heart Songs
The embellishments flow like music!
I love both the front and the back!

Next, here is Velody's tag:
The red stitching is gorgeous!
Look at the precise stitches around the heart!

And my third tag is from Nancy:
Listen to your
I love this sweet little character and smile every time
I look at him! Good advice too!

It's Tag Week over at Inspiration Avenue.

Pop over to see the tags that were sent in the swap.
Plus, the challenge this week is also calling for tags, 
either new or old, not swap-related.
You've got til Sunday March 17 to post some tags of your own!
Once you begin making tags it becomes rather addicting :)
I'm hoping to add some more of my own  

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Memories of Schooldays!

Show and Tell

This week at Inspiration Avenue the theme is 
Show and Tell
Lou Anne channeled her teaching days and told us we could choose 
anything at all that we'd like to show. Could be something old or new.

I have a new Life Book lesson that I've completed
so thought I'd post it here. The layered background was 
fun to do. I even enjoyed rolling up all the little bits of paper!
Although, that part was my own take ~ the lesson was slightly 
different when it came to the heart. 

The center of the large heart is filled with glass beads 
over a crumpled pink tissue paper border. The glass beads
create a kind of cheesy plastic surface, but I sort of like it anyway :)
It took forever to dry and I had to reinforce the back of the piece since
I created it on mixed media paper and it began to affect the back of the paper.
All's well now's quite sturdy.

I have a few journal pages that I haven't posted yet, although my journal
has already gone to Priti Lisa, and the pages Lisa has done in it
are spectacular!! Click on her name above to visit her blog.

Here are the remaining pages I have not posted til now:

back cover:

Visit Inspiration Avenue and check out the 
Show and Tell challenge.

You have until Sunday, March 10 to 
show us what you've been working on 
and tell us all about it!