Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Some New Journal Pages
 Working in my art journal is relaxing and satisfying.
Maybe it's knowing that no one has to approve of the pages but me.
No thinking: Could I sell this? Would someone like it?

Since the pages are firmly secured in a book, it's pretty much non-sellable.
I begin one spread right on the back of the previous spread,
so they could not even be separated.

Just an ever-growing, bulging book of crazy paintings.
No approval needed or likely to take place :)

One of my favorite subjects: Frida Kahlo

 And crazy ideas...

No striving for art journal is a place to 
try out new ideas, the important thing is to be 
expressive and get something down on the page.
Sometimes it's surprising just what will emerge!

A quote I really like:

“Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.”
~Pablo Picasso
 An ode to the silliness of fashion.

The challenge theme this week at Inspiration Avenue is
Art Journaling

You've got time to create a masterpiece and share it over at IA!

Have a creative week!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

On Holiday
“My Chicken”
The little Mexican schoolgirl and her chicken.
She knows her pet may end up in the soup pot one day, 
but is hoping not.

I love to visit Mexico.
I haven't visited in a couple years, so this is a picture of my virtual vacation
for this week's On Holiday challenge at Inspiration Avenue.
I wanted to paint "Bienvenidos" over the archway
since I took the design from the Rosarito Beach Hotel, where
I've visited many times. But I thought it might be distracting.
The painting is composed of many different Mexican images.

I didn't finish this in time for Hettienne's 
Roosters and Chickens challenge, but wanted to enter it.
So this is like a two-fer. Two challenges in one lol!

I hope you will pop over to Inspiration Avenue Sunday afternoon
to see all of the Holiday creations.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Round Robin

I was inspired by Kim's take on our Round Robin journal swap:
A portion of Kim's journal cover

So when Kim's journal came around to me, I decided to
stay with the theme and do my version of a Round Robin. 

This bird will be an international traveler!
He is rather round, and I hope they don't charge him extra for two seats.
If so, he may just decide to make the journey with his own two wings. 
Awfully difficult lugging the suitcase though. He may have over-packed.

If he's glimpsed on the other side of the Atlantic, 
he may not be recognized, since this is what a robin looks like over there:
But that's okay, maybe he'll become a celebrity,
being so different and all. Celebrities are all the rage right now,
and one hardly has to do anything to become one.
Surely he is as remarkable as some of those people who are
famous for nothing more than having TV cameras follow them around.
Perhaps he'll be discovered by some paparazzi.
At any rate, he's looking forward to the journey.

So true, isn't it?

I've decided to link this to Paint Party Friday
since it is Friday and I haven't played in a while.
I'm going to try to visit as many blogs as I can,
and I apologize if I don't get around to everyone.
I'm heading out on my own journey, albeit in the opposite
direction to the round robin. My internet access may be spotty,
although I hope to be able to check in from time to time!

Have a lovely weekend!