Saturday, January 19, 2013

Joy in the Post Blog Party and Giveaway!

We'd like to share . . .

the joy that came in the mailboxes
of eight bloggy-artist friends last year
from April through November!

So we're having a blog party complete with 
giveaway  to inspire you to start your own
art journal swap! At the bottom of this post
you will find links to the other 7 artists’ blogs
and info on how to  win  an art journal and
lots of goodies to inspire fun and creativity.
But first, I'll share the beauty that awed me
when I opened up my journal (the journal which flew
all over the US after making three stops in the UK).

The eight journals:

My journal:

Here is what I found inside!

Lisa (the Priti One):

from Angie:
from Kat:

from Lisa (the Wright One):

from Tammy:

from Kim:

from Stephanie:

also from Kim:

 There you have it!
We had such amazing fun sharing our
journals and creating something
in each one as they arrived at our doors.
My journal is truly a treasure ~ I love the art inside
and I love that each page reminds me of a special friend!
In fact, we had so much fun that we've already
begun the next one ~ with the eight of us plus
adding one more lovely friend this time,
I hope you'll visit the other 7 blogs
to see each unique journal:
Ahem. I mentioned a  giveaway  didn't I?
So sorry to make you wait this long!
This art journal and plenty of juicy goodies
will be given away to one lucky winner.
Leave a comment here and on the 7 other blogs.
Tell us what you like about art journaling.
Maybe you're inspired to try a journal swap?
It would be awesome if you were to gather 
some artsy friends and start your own Round Robin! 

In fact,  rumor has it , the prize 
will not be given away by random number
selection, but to the person who is most 
interested in starting her/his own
journal swap! More details are on
Priti Lisa's blog.

I hope you've gathered some inspiration here
and on the other 7 blogs. . . if not to start
a journal swap, then to begin (or continue)
creating in your own art journal!

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. What a wonderful way to share your art! This is such a great idea. I'd love to try it.

  2. Each post I've visited has inspired me more. LOVE the cover of this one, and the fact that each artist has added their own stamp but kept it all cohesive. I can do this!

  3. Ooh Maggie it's such bliss seeing all these journals like this. I am a happy little chick-a-dee this morning!

  4. Gorgeous-ness, like visiting an old beloved friend! And I never realized that Kim did that last page too- I though it was YOU!


  5. What a gorgeous blog post, so beautifully displaying all your pages. I am on a high, full of grateful and happy emotions and finding myself freshly inspired all over again. I can't wait to start our next swap. I must figure out how to put my journal together. But for now I am just so happy visiting our party blogs, reading all the comments and soaking up the creative joy :-)I feel so lucky to have all of your friendships and be part of such a special collaboration!
    BIG party Hugs
    Kat Xx

  6. Maggie, your pictures are so cool!
    and you know, since I had your book first,
    it was extra exciting to be able to "page"
    through it here. Beautiful post ♥♥

  7. WOW! Asolutely fantastic Maggie. Every entry shows JOY. I also really like the tags. Very COOL! BRAVO!

  8. Your post is amazing Maggie and what a treat to see all the journal pages again! I agree with Kat, just soaking up creative Joy and feeling blessed to be a part of such an amazing group!

  9. You've displayed your gorgeous journal so beautifully Maggie. And don't those tags look fabulous all together too! I agree exactly with what you said - as well as being lovely to look at, each page reminds me of the person who created it! I've loved looking at your finished journal :) x

  10. have inspired me to get out my journal and do some ART. and since today is my's a good day to start. Didn't mean to rhyme.LOL

  11. Thanks for sharing your special pages with us, Maggie. These journals are gorgeous!

  12. Your book turned out beautifully! I also love your entries into the others.

    Great fun and such a treasure to keep!

  13. Your book is fabulous; I'm green -smile-. I'm visiting all the Round Robins and enjoying the creative work of your hands and hearts. I'm also following you's a very good thing.

  14. Well, I had to go around and see everyone's and that made me feel a need to return to you! I could see you in all of the beautiful art you made for this special group. I was envious of the project as it was happening and even more so that you're doing it again. It's an awesome way to share your friendships. I hope I can do something like this in the not so distant future.

  15. I am having a great time visiting all of the talented individuals who took part in your fabulous round robin. I love this idea, and have always wanted to start one, but wasn't sure if it would really work. Well, I see that it truly is a unique expression of personal creativity. What a great, great, great idea. I am going to pursue this with my Arty Tea Party Guild. We meet once a month to share ideas, crafts, try new techniques, and sometimes just gather to show off our latest creations, over a cup of tea...or glass of vino:) The winter months here in the northeast are long and cold, and this is the perfect time to delve into a project like this. Thank you for sharing! I LOVE IT! I am off to visit the rest of your talented friends!

    Aloha from Vicki...

  16. Hi Maggie and all,
    This page is truly amazing. I do not have an art journal, but I am determined to start one. You have done such a fine job of displaying the wonderful works of art shown above. Truly beautiful in all. I am going to visit the others now, with your kind thoughts for them.


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