Saturday, October 2, 2010

Whine? Who, Me?
I have noticed that Fall is the favorite
time of year for so many people.
I used to love Fall.
 Until I realized it is just a big scam by Mother Nature
to distract us from what will be coming next.

Around here ~ which is western Pennsylvania ~
the Autumn vistas are quite spectacular.
Stunning golden trees that look like they
are lit from within. Blazing reds and oranges.
Wood smoke in the crisp, cooler air.
Wonderful displays in front yards
of pumpkins, scarecrows, mums,
and cornstalks placed there by neighbors
who count Fall as their favorite time of year.
And of course, Halloween.
One of the funnest holidays around.
The magnificence of the autumn display
seems to be in direct proportion to the
awfulness of the winter to come.

Look at New England.
I'm sure autumn is even more spectacular
there than here. That's where all the
Leaf Peepers go, isn't it?
And if there's one place I'd dislike
more to spend the winter than here,
it would be there.
On the other hand, what about  Southern California?
I can only say this because
I was one of these people myself ~
Californians desperately pretend autumn
is a season there, trying to get in the spirit.
And moan about how they miss the changing
of the seasons. Then they glide right through
November, December, January, and February
in glorious sunshine with outside temperatures
hovering around what our furnaces are
struggling to maintain inside the house.

I want to go back there!! Please!
I promise to never complain again
about no seasons!

Autumn comes and goes so quickly.
It seems one day you are admiring
the maple tree in the neighbors' yard
and next thing you know,  it's Thanksgiving
and the views outside give new meaning
to the term "monochromatic".
Brown, brown and more brown.
Like a moon landscape, but browner.

Alright, enough whining and whinging.
I love the verb 'to whinge'.

Whinge: Complain persistently and in a peevish or irritating way.

It seems more descriptive than 'whine', which
sounds too much like a delightful beverage.
And I realize that is exactly what I'm doing ha!
(Whinging, not drinking wine.)

So. I think I have just enough time to go to
the market, buy some pumpkins and mums,
dig out my Fall decorations, and make
an awesome display in the front yard.
Did I mention I love Autumn?


  1. Cute post! And now I have a new word! Thanks!

  2. Oh I had to chuckle at this... I remember when I moved back to So. Cal after having lived in upstate NY for a few years... I was miserable without the Fall colors. I've never much cared for winter, but I can't imagine life without all this color! ;D

  3. You are so funny! I feel the same way though, that Autumn is nature's way of putting blinders on us for what's to come. We lived in the Carribean for 7 years, each of which we "pretended" to have Autumn, and every Christmas we got sunburns wile putting out the decorations.....I am SO glad to have Fall back, but I'd be fine with skipping January through the first half of March! And it doesn't get nearly as cold for us here in Georgia- just cold enough to be ready for some heat!

  4. Hi! Yes, it is the Autumn I love not what is next~ I am having a Autumn link up and would love you to put your post there it is on my side bar for easy access. I hope you can pop over~
    All my best, Theresa

  5. I love Autumn is my fave time of year..wonderful photos..beautiful! Always lovely to visit here!! Have a beautiful day!


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