Monday, October 4, 2010

Look at these  
2 exciting projects
I've discovered!

One is a *free* online art class
offered by the wonderfully generous  
Tam at Willowing called
The Heart of Art
is a four-week course with a
new project each week! Yay!
(Did I mention it's FREE? )
The focus is on healing through art.
There's a video on YouTube
to watch for more info.
Class begins October 18.
I'm signed up and ready for skool!
I hope you'll join us!

Tam's other classes look awesome
and I have a feeling I'll be checking
those out too!

The next project is called
The Butterfly Project  
mandate is to remember the  
1,500,000 innocent children
who perished as a result of the Holocaust
by collecting 1.5 million handmade butterflies.

Please go to Two Dresses Studio
to read a very informative description
of the project. To participate
all you have to do is create a
handmade butterfly and mail it to either
Two Dresses Studio
mail directly to the 
Holocaust Museum in Houston, Texas USA.

Update on Oct. 7: 
The link to Two Dresses Studio 
seems to be working sometimes
and sometimes not.
If the link doesn't take you there,
you can go directly
for instructions and an address to
send your butterfly!
Thank you!

Two Dresses Studio has done a
wonderful job of laying out all
the information and rules.
Check it out there!

This one is by
Abby Lazar
Jamesville, NY, USA

I hope you'll look into both of these
fun projects and join in! 



  1. I have to go check these out...I saw Suzis video yesterday about the butterfly, was thinking I'd make one today.

  2. I have the perfect butterfly!
    Thanks, Maggie!

  3. Both wonderful projects - thanks for sharing them Maggie :)

    I particularly love the idea of the butterfly project - what a beautiful thing to do. Abby's butterfly is absolutely awe-inspiring, need to get to work I think! x

  4. Thanks for sharing this- especially The Butterfly Effect....I love the ideas behind it, perfect symbolism!


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