Thursday, October 21, 2010

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

The theme at Inspiration Avenue this week is

I like this quote from a poem
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
So I included it in a mixed media piece
of a girl standing under a harvest moon.

I actually got up the courage to wax this, yay!
I also applied beeswax to my "Pink" piece,
and will post it when I am able to photograph it.
It's too big to fit in the scanner.
The wax does add a warm glow,
and I think I like it.

Does anyone know how to get the wax
perfectly smooth with no marks from the iron?
I would like it better if the surface was smoother.

All of the entries will be on Inspiration Avenue
by noon (edt) on Sunday. See them there,
or better yet, create your own Harvest  entry
and leave a comment at Inspiration Avenue
with a link to your blog! With each entry you are
eligible to win the monthly giveaway.
This month it's an awesome
altered composition book from Pics by Shel.


  1. I love her expression and you did an amazing job with that composition- I LOVE the way the moon and the horizon line and her face are all repetitions of each other. Well done!

  2. Magical...beautiful Harvest entry...I loooove this..gorgeous! I love her little hoodie and yellow birdy!! shine on...fabulous creation!

  3. This is one fantastic painting. The colors, the shading, and the composition are all solid. I struggle with beeswax, too. About the only way I know to get the iron marks out of the wax is to use a heat tool lightly over the piece. Keep moving it back and forth and not too close to the piece, or the wax will spread and thin in places, which you don't want, either. Better to take it slow and steady than try to get the marks out all at once. But this is one lovely piece as is.

  4. Very lovely painting. The poem is a wonderful addition. I love reading your blog. I appreciate all the work and inspriation you show. Very wonderful.

  5. I'm crazy about the poem AND the painting both!

  6. Wow, I love this piece--it is magnificent! I've never used beeswax--I'm not brave Your results are stunning and I love the poem on it too!!

  7. Yes you waxed! I always love clicking onto your blog Maggie - something new and unique every week. Talented lady :)

  8. A sweet painting to help me remember the sweet poem.

    Both are just lovely.

  9. Love your painting do an beautiful job and I love the characters...excellent artwork.

  10. Maggie I really love this - the colours, the composition, the little trees, everything! It is wonderfully warm and uplifting.

  11. Can't help with the wax thingy, but lurve what you made. Bravo.

  12. This is my favorite Harvest entry. Really cute drawing and true words.

  13. Beautiful!! Love the girl the colours and the verse!

    It turned out really lovely!

  14. I just popped over to say "hi" and hope that all is going great!!!!

  15. Maggie, this piece...
    what can I say? You win!
    You are an amazing fresh...
    in the world of Suzi and Tam
    you are above.
    You are an artist connected with herslf.
    Talented. beyond mimic-ing. beyond inspiring.


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