Saturday, October 9, 2010

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

One thing I love about Mexico is the color.
No one there is afraid of color, that's for sure.
The more the better.

Another thing I love
is shopping in the outdoor markets.
I don't think I did it justice though ~
I didn't really get the image of the
sights and sounds and the hustle and bustle.
This painting is just a bit too serene!
But still, I hope it's a pretty picture.

Not too realistic either.
I'm wondering if a pretty girl in that country
might end up somewhere other than selling
curios on the street. And the little sleeping girl ~
at that age, a kid would probably
already be working a full day.

The last time I went to Mexico
(about 18 months ago)
the police were carrying AK-47s
and were very visible all over town.
Someone told us the mayor of the town
(Rosarito Beach) had just been murdered.
There was a lot of ill feeling among
the different political groups
and the police were trying to impose order.
 Or something. It was a little scary!

But still, that experience didn't
kill my affection for Mexico.
The people are so kind, friendly, and creative.
 The culture is fascinating. Ancient.

I understand that now it could be
quite a bit more dangerous to visit there.
It's a frightening time we live in!
And not just there, but anywhere.

Ah well, what can one do?
Painting pretty pictures helps...

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challenge over at Inspiration Avenue.
As usual, they are varied and amazing!
All of the entries will be in by noon (edt) Sunday.

Happy Weekend! 


  1. I think your picture is beautiful and has the feeling of Mexico, even if the little girl would really be working... haha When it comes from your imagination, we can make anything be, right?

  2. Wow...what a beautifully enchanting piece..such talent..i love love love this! Wonderful work!! and touching post!

  3. It's so lovely Maggie - absolutely beautiful, your passion for the country really comes through. Great job!

  4. I LOVE it when you paint! The colors and overall feeling are perfect for the theme...wonderful!

  5. Oh Maggie!!! This is such a pretty picture! Since I've never been to Mexico, my vision of it isn't tainted with reality...and this is what I would imagine!

  6. Your painting is really nice Magpie. The senora and senorita are extremely pretty. Love the flags and details. Yes Mexico is dangerous right now.
    I send my love and best wishes to all that are suffering now.

  7. Wow, Maggie! Your painting blew me away! I adore the mother and child. It is serene and perfect. I love the pretty colorful banner over their heads and the pile of blankets and her scarf and the wall color. It's a magical painting. I am so impressed with how talented you are!

  8. The lady and her child might have been serene, but the flags strung across the painting tell the story of a country steeped in tradition and color. It's been awhile since I've been to Mexico and I'm simply afraid to go. How sad is that, right? You touched on a very important aspect. We live in turbulent times. Love your challenge piece.

  9. Lovely painting~ I love your story of your travels. Times sure have changed. It has been years since I have been there. I am glad you journey was safe~ Theresa

  10. Maggie, this is beautiful... If the reality now is not so nice, you should paint how it should be, this way you are creating it and sending this to the Universe! Wonderful and lovely! :)

    Blessed week!


  11. Thank you all for your lovely, thoughtful comments! I hope my post was not too much of a downer...I didn't even set out to write about the turbulent times in Mexico, but somehow my keyboard had a mind of its own! It's just reality I guess. Those of us in the US had thought we were sheltered from the violence that has gone on in the world long before 9-11-2001. But, as we now know, not so.

    Have a wonderful week!

  12. being half Hispanic i truly love the passion and vibrant colors of the culture. Yesterday I was listening to James Taylor's Mexico...and then i see this....hmmm, we are one the same page me and you....


  13. I love the colors and the people themselves. Your painting is awesome and it does portray Mexico and it's peoples. Thanks for sharing. I'm just blog hopping and was at Inspiration Avenue checking out the paintings. Thanks for sharing, I like your blog.


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