Wednesday, October 27, 2010


What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday
Yay! I finally joined The Sketchbook Project.
Sketchbooks traveling around the country?
What a fabulous idea! 
I can see them with their little bags, standing in line at the airport,
taking off their shoes, going through the metal detector...
Or maybe they are going by car. I hope they can afford the gas!

I know I am late as usual. Everyone else probably
has their sketchbooks mostly filled by now.
My sketchbook has been shipped, 
and I am anxiously awaiting the mail lady.
Can't wait to get started!! 

Finished the first lesson in Tam's
free art class, Art, Heart and Healing,
a journal spread
Next is an altered board book  ~
I've always wanted to do one, and now that 
I have some motivation I'm going to try it!
Tam is such a great teacher and so inspiring!
Check her out at


Also on my desk this week is my  mermaid
from Suzi Blu's class. I admit I've been neglecting this.
Maybe because there are so many 
directions to go, I am stumped. beads, mica powder, 
stamps, modeling paste,
stencils, sea glass, fibers, 
fabric, tissue paper...
My head is spinning.
"Why don't you finish me?"

I'll work on her this week for sure!

 Finished! And sold!
I like her better with floaty hair.

What are you working on this Wednesday?


  1. Oh my ...these are all such lovelies...beautiful work..inspiring creative and magical as always!! Shine on!

  2. So so beautiful work for your sketchbook.
    I´m also a participant.


  3. Your mermaid is so pretty. Have fun with the sketchbook project...the book is so cute. Your work always makes me smile.

  4. WOw! What interesting stuff!
    Thanks for the insight!
    Chrissie #9

  5. Lovely is right. Thanks for sharing. S #84

  6. Great stuff! Love the colors, and the sketchbook project.

    Terry #4

  7. I got a kick out of your traveling sketchbook description and illustration! Your mermaid is lovely! You have so much talent!

  8. travelling sketchbooks is a lovely idea-I only wish I could draw! I love your willowing art work, the colours are amazing.
    Linbyx 109

  9. Oh you are working on such lovely stuff all at once..and I know what you mean about choices and ways to go- sometimes you just get a sort of sensory overload and have to stop awhile. You are the second WOYWWer I've visited today to be partaking of Art HEart and Healng - really looking forward to seeing your work unfold.

  10. the sketchbook project sounds interesting. Such a beautiful project. Sheena #99

  11. Amazing artwork, love the journal spread - fab colours.


  12. Oh I can't wait- you have so many wonderful projects in the air! I LOVE the mermaid, I am looking forward to seeing how you will finish her and your journal spread is wonderful- her face is a perfect illustration for the words you I said, I can't wait to see what's in the works for you!

  13. Love the journals and the colours you're using, great stuff. The poor mermaid really does seem to be imploring you to finish her!

    Brenda 89

  14. I'm in the sketchbook project too. One month to go. I think your mermaid looks finished! She's so cute. Maybe you could add a jewel or two to her crown and call her done. Just popping in from Julia's blog. #121

  15. "Why won't you finish me?" LOL! She should come over to my house and keep my whining Magician company...Sheeesh! This unfinished art is almost as bad as having a newborn...Almost. I hear it crying in my sleep...but I rarely get out of bed for it :)
    I am excited to have you on the SBP...your art inspires me so much...sometimes I have to look away so I won't copy you!

  16. Do you watch Dancing with the Stars? On our UK version we also have Len and Bruno Torlionionioio. You know how Bruno always gushes and pouts when he likes someone. Well, I'm doing that now - Oohhhh Magggieeee - they are like a bowl of ripe fruit ready for plucking! Fab!

  17. Some beautiful artwork here. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 24)

  18. Your travelling sketchbooks looks lovely, what a great idea! Fabulous art! Happy WOYWW!


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