Thursday, August 5, 2010

Going, Going . . . Gone
I wanted to let you in on a secret before it's too late...
What a Sale! 
My friend Sharon has an Etsy shop that is quickly selling out!
These are some beautiful pieces I bought from her that I adore. 
Her attention to quality and sense of style and color are amazing.
Mana Moon Studios will soon be sold out.
All of her remaining inventory is 75% off! 
Sharon has decided to focus on her 
graphics business, Plumrose Lane, instead of jewelry.

Head on over to Mana Moon Studios 
to snap up some exquisite pieces! You'll still find
an amazing selection if you hurry!


  1. AH!!! You are the one who bought the chakra necklace!! I just love that and almost bought it a while back, so I'm kinda kicking myself seeing it again... haha. Where it in good health! I can't wait to get my pieces any day now!

  2. Jaime, I'm glad you have some pieces on the way!

    You have good taste, lol ;D

  3. I know. I have a pair of gems dangling from my lobes right now...they are magical!

  4. I too am waiting for my goodies to arrive in the mail- am torn between saving them for Christmas pressies or being selfish and keeping 'em for my own self :D


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