Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Waiting for Mermaids
I'm excited to be taking Suzi Blu's new mermaid class, 
It starts August 15, but in true Suzi fashion, she has us 
students collecting bits and pieces of inspiration well
ahead of time. These are some things I found
that speak mermaid to me! 
I'm sure I'll find more in the days ahead.

The GORGEOUS mermaid face above
is by CampbellJane, an artist and Etsy seller.
Visit her shop and you will be amazed at her work!
The little mermie baby I put together as a digital collage.
The other things are odds and ends of inspiration.
I'm sure mermaids love jewels and sparkly things.
How else to entice those sailors, sinking their ships?
Well their singing and irresistible beauty also help, I imagine.

On a slightly different note:
1. The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.
2. The fact or occurrence of such discoveries.
3. An instance of making such a discovery.
While looking for an old post today, I just discovered that 
my very first blog post was one year ago today, August 11.
I was pretty sure I started my blog in August but
didn't have a clue on which day!
So, in true clueless Magpie fashion, I have not planned a 
celebration or a giveaway or anything like that.
But, who knows, before the month is over there
may still be time for something fun!


  1. That blue is stunning...and yet, serene. Congrats of you blogaversary. Mine was last May and I still haven't gotten around to do something about it...Perhaps I'll surprise you all with some sort of odd date...just to throw you

    have a good one,


  2. W0W Girlfriend! You weren't really do plan ahead...I think that is great! Immerse-ing...
    saturating yourself in the colors and the mood.
    She is a fun, wack-a-delic girl...but when it comes to technique...I think you could teach her!
    I cannot wait to see your art that comes out of this experience.

  3. Beautiful post! Gorgeous photos and creations! I enjoyed meeting you on IA! Wonderfully inspiring blog!

  4. What a beautiful post, thanks for sharing.

  5. One of the best bits of a new project I think is looking out for and collecting bits of inspiration - so exciting! Your collection is wonderful and shouts "mermaid" to me!

  6. Gorgeous collection of sparklies and I LOVE your mer-baby, just love it! Plese post along with what you create for this class- it looks like so much fun!
    And grats on your bloggiversary- I just realized mine's coming up too!


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