Saturday, August 14, 2010

IA Weekly Challenge

This is an image that I posted as a "freebie"
on my blog, On the House.

I think the young girl's face looks very hopeful.
Who knows what she is hoping or praying for,
but one's imagination can go in many directions. . .

I thought it was perfect for the weekly challenge
at Inspiration Avenue, which is, of course,  Hope.

(If you would like to download the high resolution
version of the image, you can do so  here.)

Visit Inspiration Avenue to enter the weekly challenge,
or just to view all of the entries. You have until Sunday
August 15 to submit your entry. And stop back Sunday afternoon
to see all of the submissions posted together!


  1. LOVE LOVE Maggie WOw your creations are awesome

  2. oh so many things a young girl could be wishing for; I want them ALL to come true!

  3. Wow..this is sooo beautiful! it has such a soft gentle spell of energy shining from it!Wonderful work!Gorgeous!!

  4. So so wonderful.
    This is absolutely awesome.

  5. Maggie. I think she's Dutch and watching the sea for her fisherman lover to come home after a terrible storm. She hopes and prays for his safety!

  6. Lisa that was my first thought too - she's waiting for her love to come back from a stormy sea (are you reading my mind this week lol!)

    Beautiful work Maggie, I love the sepia tones, gives a touch of beautiful melancholy!

  7. I love how thoughtful she looks- and definitely hopeful!


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