Friday, July 30, 2010

IA Weekly Challenge

I originally had this idea for the Clouds
challenge at Inspiration Avenue
but didn't make the deadline..
So this week's theme is  Water, and
what luck, since it contains some
rather abstract water, I am
entering it this week!

It's for Suzi Blu's class ~ 
the next  step is bees wax, 
which I have NO clue about.
So before something disastrously
waxy happens to it, I am posting it here
for the weekly Inspiration Avenue challenge.

I keep humming the Talking Heads song,
And She Was

Do you know the song?
It's ancient, from the 80s I think.
(I hate to think of the 80s as ancient,
but 1980 was 30 years ago!! Yikes!)
“. . . See the lights of a neighbor's house
now she's starting to rise.
Takes a minute to concentrate

and she opens up her eyes. . . .”
It's a great song ~ go listen to it!
The whole album, Little Creatures, is great. 
I would put the music here
but I haven't figured out how
to do that yet :( 

Visit Inspiration Avenue to see all the entries
in the Water challenge! You won't be disappointed! 


  1. Love your interpretation of water! I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that 1980 was 30 years ago!! Wow ... time does fly! Nice to get to know a fellow Talking Heads fan. I never tire of their music.

    Susan and Bentley

  2. Just a fun and delightful piece ti view!!!

  3. oh my gosh!! how cute and whimsical!! love that she's holding the kitty like a balloon :)

  4. This is a great picture Maggie. Kitty looks a bit perplexed though!! Love all the colours and the whimsy nature of it. If you want to put a YouTube music clip in, just find the clip you want and copy the embed code they give you, then when you insert your text in blogger - click on the html tab and paste it in. Voila!

  5. She is so cute! I have not tried the beeswax yet either. I think I have to do a little more to mine before I attempt it.
    I can not remember the song you are talking about but I do remember Talking Heads. I like their music. I'll have to listen to this song.

  6. I love that song! Their lyrics are so poetic. The ancient 80's indeed, lol.
    This clown girl is wonderful! I really like the idea of the kitty balloon, can't wait to see the beez wax.

  7. I love how FUN this is! My crazy schedule hasn't allowed me to participate in the weekly challenges lately, so I'm living vicariously through everyone's else and LOVING all the wonderful work I'm seeing.
    Please post the next step once you have it in place- sounds intriguing...

  8. just love the blues in this & of course.... the kitty!


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