Friday, August 6, 2010

IA Weekly Challenge

In Another World . . .
A digital collage from my Etsy shop.

Do you believe in FAeRiEs?
The theme this week at Inspiration Avenue is "Other Worlds"
and technically, faeries are believed to reside among
us in this world. But they are so elusive and difficult to see
that I am giving them Other World status!

You may think of the tooth fairy or fairy godmothers
when someone mentions faeries.
But throughout the ages, faeries have been known more
for mischief and downright dirty deeds, and
there are many invocations, spells, and superstitions
meant to ward off their evil-doings.
Running water, church bells, four leaf clovers,
St. John's Wort, cold iron, and bread
have all been used to protect from faeries.
Avoid digging in faery hills at all costs,
and don't travel on the paths that faeries use!
Home-owners have knocked corners from houses because the corner blocked the fairy path, and cottages have been built with the front and back doors in line, so that the owners could, in need, leave them both open and let the fairies troop through all night. Locations such as fairy forts were left undisturbed; even cutting brush on fairy forts was reputed to be the death of those who performed the act. Fairy trees, such as thorn trees, were dangerous to chop down; one such tree was left alone in Scotland, though it prevented a road being widened for seventy years. [source]
 Make no mistake, just like all forces of nature, faeries can be both good and bad.
. . . like nature itself, fairies may be dark or light, gentle or violent, benevolent or cruel, beautiful or grotesque. They may not only be any size, but may also take any shape. [source]
Gnomes are known for their kindness to animals.
Gnomes are the guardians of animal kind and show little preference for their animal friends, not withstanding their aversion to cats both wild and domesticated. They are known for freeing wildlife from man's traps and for operating on farm animals whose owners have neglected them or who are simply too poor to afford a veterinarian. Their enemies are mainly Trolls, and other beings who would try to destroy them or their homes. Otherwise, they are mostly peaceful beings.
Most Gnomes are 7 times stronger than a man, can run at speeds of 35 miles per hour, and have better sight than a hawk. These abilities help the Gnome to do many things, such as find wounded, dying animals for which they feel they are responsible. Because of their love for animals, all the animals of the forest are the Gnome's friends and are willing to help him at any time. Many people say that gnomes have elevated practical jokes to an art form. But most especially they love gems and jewelry and are considered by many to be the best gem cutters and jewelers in existence. [source]
Have you ever seen a  faery?

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  1. I love these images. That first one has such color and texture! You've taught me quite a bit about fairies and gnomes. I plant fairy gardens about the yard. On my deck right outside the French doors is a collection of them. I adore creating fairy gardens. Such whimsical fun. Now I must incorporate gnomes!

  2. I love both of these charming pieces!
    weel done!!

  3. Oh wow so wonderful and magical.
    Awesome other world. Love them.

  4. When Mia was younger she saw faeries. She built them houses with beds and gathered food for them. It was a really sweet time. I was toying with the thought of making a fairy garden in my yard and allowing visiters to walk through...but my wacky neighbor spoiled that idea...I don't imagine fairies or fairy visiters like to hear obscenities being screamed.

    Both of your pieces are magical, Maggie, just like you!

  5. A beautiful faerie image I love the sleeping gnomes under the toadstool! I do love faeries I have books on them but they are generally naughty faeries! I havent seen any to date!! 80))

  6. These are beautiful other worlds Maggie, quite magical! Interesting reading about the fairies. I have some family in the Isle of Mann - there's a fairy bridge on the island and you have to say good morning to the fairies when you go over!

  7. These are so magical and gorgeous, Maggie! I believe :)

  8. is super lovely to meet you..I LOVe your creation..magical and spellbinding! Oh so Gorgeous!

    and thankyou for visiting me and all your sparkling words!
    happy Creating

  9. Oh Yes I believe. They fly around my garden. Your digital collage is very pretty.

  10. Maggie these awre so awesome
    I have not been feelin it this week. So good to come and see yours!

  11. I love your creation for this week's challenge Maggie and it was so cool to learn to facts about fairie folk, I had never heard some these. :D

  12. I think I've met a Fairy or two. I didn't know it until they left their glittery dust behind~*

    Enjoyed your submission and interesting facts!

  13. I kove this collage AND the write up you did for it! My daughters still remember how we used to leave presents for the faeries in the garden- they were always accepted too.....

  14. that's just magical maggie!! beautiful!

    and yes ... i've heard of the faerie's path that you mentioned. actually there was one episode on ghost hunter, and i think they went to scotland and investigated a location called faerie's wrath ... that was where i heard about it!

    thanks for sharing these wonderful facts!


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