Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where This Blogger Creates 
I missed getting my post up for the "Where Bloggers Create" party, but I am going to put it up now anyway. If anyone is still blog-hopping around at least it will be here.  Is it better to be late than never? I don't know. But for what it's worth, here is my "creativity room"!
 I'm lucky to have a space that I can dedicate entirely to doing artwork. It's a tiny room no bigger than some people's closets. Truthfully, no one else can figure out what to do with it so I got it by default! It is usually an utter mess and sometimes even hard to walk in here.  I cleaned up a bit for the pictures ;)
This is my helper. I think I'm going to have to fire him soon.
He spends a lot of time doing what he wants. 

My computer

My table where I draw, paint and make a mess

Books and all kinds of artsy craftsy stuff.

Ooh, it's so neat in here I don't recognize it!
I think I'll have to clutter it up a bit so I feel at home!

I'm off to work on this week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue.
The theme is "Circus".
But first, some visits to see where other bloggers create... 

I hope you enjoyed the little tour!


  1. Some assistants are like that, aren't they? It's wonderful to have a cat or dog with you in your creative space, they just give you so much comfort. You have a lovely spot and I think little ones are better than big. Thanks for letting me peek in. Diane

  2. I have a small space to create in too. I love it anyway. I don't know where I've been because I did not know about this blog party.?????? I posted about my art room.....mmmm I think maybe the beginning of the year. oh well :)
    Your room looks lovely and I bet it's bigger than mine at least it looks bigger.
    Your little helper looks like he's bored and wants out. too cute!

  3. I miss all the good topics! I'll have to find more on this topic. I love to be like a peeping tom and peek into what people's houses look like when it is dusk and their lights are on as I drive by. I'm nosey, and besides it's not stalking unless you have binoculars, ha ha. But a topic that people are willing to show me the insides... well that's the one for me! Your space is fabulous! Thank you for sharing. oh, and my space is messy, too. usually I have to move things out of the way before I can create anything! ugh.

  4. What a lovely space you have there Maggie, I love your little desk with the storage drawers, and all the lovely pictures you have surrounding you. And such a sweet little "helper" too, letting more light in for you lol! My creative space is smaller still, and infinitely more messy! x

  5. I have a very small space to create in, as well. You've organized yours very well! And your assistant is adorable - love the shot with the blinds!

  6. I'll Take that "helper" Mini loves my art room best, too. Her favorite is tissue paper...she also talks WAY too much, I think she's fired.
    I really love how you are keeping a moleskin journal...wish I would.

  7. Thank you all for your wonderful comments! Seems I am not the only one with a small space.

    Don't be fooled by the sweet demeanor of my 'assistant'. He only hangs out here for the window, the occasional batting game with various bits of crafty stuff and pencils (LOVES tissue paper, Lisa). He thinks his main job is to keep an eye on the birds and squirrels that cross the porch roof where he looks out. Don't know what I pay him for...

    Lisa, I'm finding I like the journal a lot. It was on the list for Suzi Blu's class, and I'm glad I got one. Now, to fill it up...

  8. You have such a wonderful creative space Maggie and I L♥Ve your helper!! Come on' you couldn't give him up, now could you?! ;D

  9. What a perfect helper- he sounds just like mine! Do you have to push him aside to get to your computer like I do? And I loved seeing your workspace- especially the image with your drawing in progress; the eyes in that face are alrealy compelling and I can't wait to see it when it's done. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Sharon, I like to complain about my helper coz he's so cheeky, but I wouldn't trade him for the world! Everyone needs a lazy kitty to remind us what's important in life ;D ~ naps!

    Stephanie, when I looked back at the photo of my desk space, and then glanced over at what it looks like now, I had to laugh. What a mess. I should post a current photo just for giggles and grins.

  11. Today is June 26, and I'm still trying to get around to visit everyone at the WBC party!
    I too work in a small space - in fact, I'm all over the place when I create. :)
    But, if you are like me, the space doesn't matter as much as the art! Have fun creating!!!

  12. Yay,what a lovely wonderful tour..i love your assistant..too cute! Gorgeous work..that face on the page of the book..she is magnificent! INpsiring and creative! thanks for the tour.. I did one too.
    Kiki, Heart of a Wizardess
    PS: love your circus post ..just gorgeous.

  13. I have an assistant just like that (but a dog model instead)and he rather chew stuff than take notes...sigh!!! you have a great studio, nice space and lot of room.

  14. A terrificly wonderful space to create anything you desire! TFS!

  15. I love your studio assistant, but he is a little unruly, I'd keep him around for the fun factor though. Your sketch is beautiful! Thank you for a peek into your creative world.

  16. Better late than never I say!! Thank you for joining the party. Your studio companion IS adorable so please don't fire him. He is a cat, so doing what he wants IS his job! LOL!

    My Desert Cottage

  17. Yep, there are still those of us out here, just strolling and looking. I mean c'mon with 450 studios to visit?! Even with four paws that takes some kind of time! Your studio is fun and complete since you have an official helper. Purrsonally, I wouldn't fire him, but rather give him a promotion. I mean look at the efficiency....he's no doubt checking for roaming dogs or mean people....and would certainly throw himself between you and them if it was needed.....see? He deserves a raise...or at least a few extra snacks today for a job well done! Thank you for sharing your studio space! I certainly enjoyed myself!


    Romeo and "her"

  18. I can see the general consensus is that I should definitely not fire my assistant! (As if I would anyway...I believe his contract states he may not be let go under any circumstances. He's a union member by the way and loves to wave his contract under my nose!) So, it will be extra kitty treats and a bump upstairs to General Manager of the Studio. No, GM of the Entire House, he already acts like he has the job anyway.

    He's very taken with Romeo. Thinks he is the Cat's Whiskers.

  19. You have a nice spacious lovely area- Glad to of found your blog, love all the ideas from the differ. blogs-
    a new follower ill be back Karryann

  20. Your space is great.

    I'm still going done the list of posts.

    I like your little helper.

  21. Your artwork is lovely! Thanks for joining the party!

  22. Glad you were able to get your photos up. Cute to see your "helper" too - lol.


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