Saturday, June 26, 2010

Don't Count on BP or Anyone Else 
to Do the Right Thing 
One thousand or even more miles away, it's much more comfortable to carry on with our lives and tell ourselves that "they" are doing everything it's possible to do (even though it seems to not be much) to contain and clean up the horrendous 2+-month-old oil spill in the Gulf. Hey, "they" are working hard and perhaps will come up with a better idea soon. Right? NO. 

I saw this link on Artfully Ooglebloops blog and I think more people need to be aware, so I am posting it here also. I was very moved to listen to the words of a Gulf Coast resident who has been living this nightmare from the get-go.  When I viewed the video, it had been seen by less than 118,000 people, and I would love to have more people see it. I'm sure there are countless YouTube videos out there on this disaster, but Kindra Arnesan is a good spokeswoman, so take a look!

I'm still not sure what can be done on a personal level (besides going
down there and helping clean up the beaches and rescuing wildlife...)
talk about a teacup out of the ocean...
but being more aware is a first step perhaps...


  1. Hi,
    I came here to visit your WBC post, but saw this first. If you are interested, check this out:
    I'll be joining in - perhaps you would like to too?

  2. This whole thing has just made me sick, mad, helpless, etc....Thank you so much for posting about this Maggie.



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