Monday, June 21, 2010

Lucky Me!!
Look what my sweet friend Luthien sent me!
A set of six absolutely stunning coasters of vintage ballet dancers!
Where is the sixth one in this picture? I don't know, but I know I have six. 
I thought I had them all in the photo...

These are so beautiful, I don't think my photo does them justice.
Luthien, who is a dancer and choreographer,
was looking for some vintage ballet pictures and I found these for her.
(Most of them are of the great ballerina Anna Pavlova.)
Luthien worked her magic on them,
adding embellishments and turning them into coasters! Exquisite!
I think this is my favorite, even though she's not dancing...hmmmm

Happily, Luthien now has a set of these coasters for sale in her
Etsy shop.
They come packaged in a beautiful green handmade box.
Please visit and check out all of her
handmade treasures while you are there!

Thank you, my friend, for sending me these beauties!
I'm so lucky to have them!


  1. Maggie, these are beautiful! They are so pretty I would have to find a way to display them!


  2. awww maggie :)) that's so sweet! what a sweet thing to say :)) i'm so glad you like them. i gave my ballet fren a set and she loves them too. it's now in her ballet school. thank you so much for the images *hug* this couldn't have been possible without your beautiful vintage images!

  3. You are a lucky dog, Maggie! I have 1 of Luthien's coasters and 2 pallet placemats...that girl is a genious, right?
    Are you selling any dancer sheets on etsy?
    Maybe I should just go see for myself!

  4. Luthien is so sweet! I love the coasters. They are so pretty.


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