Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekly Challenge at Inspiration Avenue

I was digging through my stuff trying to get organized, and I came across this watercolor painting I did years ago. Also panicking because I haven't started anything yet for the Summer challenge at Inspiration Avenue. I really didn't want to skip this week because a) I love the theme of summer and b) the theme was *my* idea!
What kind of host would I be, to not enter the challenge :)

I thought this would work perfectly because the breeze
rustling through the trees and the sound of flowing water
is so relaxing and summery.
I hope the image on the paper can evoke those sounds.
I painted it from a photo I took in Virginia.
Now I can't even remember exactly where, but I am thinking it was
somewhere between Williamsburg and Richmond. 

Here is another watercolor I found at the same time:
Not sure if I like it as well, but I kind of like the summery feel.
I think I will use the trees as my challenge entry since it shows what I like  so much about summer.

Visit Inspiration Avenue to see all of the Summer Fun entries.
Better yet, join in yourself ~
you have until Sunday at 12 noon (edt) to enter.
The entries will be posted at Inspiration Avenue Sunday afternoon.


  1. Love the trees & river, reminds me of growing up in Colorado & being out in the mountains picnicing among the aspen trees. The have the most amazing sound when the wind/breeze blows through them. Thanks for sharing....I do hear the leaves & the running water when I look at the painting. Loretta

  2. The top painting is so "Cool and Green and Shady."

    LIke LKay said, like Colorado. I've never been, but John Denver wrote a song with the title above. One of my favorites.

  3. Hi Magpie.
    thank you for your comment. Seaside is a busy place this time of year. My family prefers to go in the winter, when there are fewer people around.

    I won't be able to make tomorrow's meeting. I hope you have a good time and learn lots of stuff. I'll check out the details on the backroom.

  4. Beautiful work Maggie! The first painting especially looks so tranquil :)

  5. It's lovely Maggie. I have so enjoyed all these summer pictures from this challenge. We must remember to link back to it in the winter to warm ourselves up!

  6. I love both of them, the one of the river is so serene I can almost hear the water and the one of the woman with her summery hat, makes me imagine sitting on a hill in the hot sun just daydreaming away.......wonderful!

  7. Both paintings are beautiful. It's so fun to rummage through old things that you have not seen in a while/ years. Brings back lots of memories. This was a fun theme.

  8. You and your magic paintbrushes! I love the water with the reflection.
    I paint over all of my old's no where near as good as vintage Maggie!

  9. Maggie, I just love this piece of serenity that you captured. It is so relaxing to look at. I can hear the babbling brook, the trees leaves rustling in the breeze and the sounds of nature.

  10. Wow, your work is fantastic! Very peaceful. Love them both! Beautiful work!!


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