Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Art Festival
Sunday was one of those transition days 
where we were getting rid of some warm, humid, rainy days 
and giving over to some perfect, clear, sunny skies.
Hoping we wouldn't get caught in the rain, 
we went to the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh. 
It's a yearly event, but I haven't attended in a long time. 
The weather cooperated very nicely. No rain. Humidity gone.
The aroma of frying sausage-onions-and-peppers
plus french fries and funnel cakes had my mouth watering!
I saw some nice artwork, but frankly, I think Etsy has spoiled me!
It was difficult to get near the booths because of the crowds,
and although it was nice to actually see the real thing 
in front of your eyes instead of on a computer monitor, 
some of the art offered on Etsy is superior to what I saw, 
both in sheer volume and in talent and imagination.  
Ooh, don't shoot me, all of you art-and-craft-show-goers!

It was a lovely time spent in Point State Park, 
which if you don't know, is the "Golden Triangle" area of Pittsburgh 
where the Monongahela River and the Allegheny River meet 
to form a triangle, at the tip of which is the start of the Ohio River. 
A little geography lesson, HA, no extra charge!

Since I'm on the subject,  if you have some summer fun to share, 
head over to Inspiration Avenue
where the theme for this week's challenge is, you guessed it,

"Summer Fun and Relaxation"!



  1. So much fun! Going to the Laguna Beach Art Festival...nothing says summer like sawdust, crafts and food... Have a great day!


  2. I love arts festivals too, nut I'm in agreement with you in regards to being spoiled by Etsy. I know many of our art festivals here in Atlanta have become too expensive for many of the artists to participate in; maybe that's part of it?

  3. That's possible Stephanie, and that's a shame. We have a local one coming up in July that is very popular. I'm going to pay a visit to that one and see if it is as great as I remember!

  4. Beautiful setting for an art show.


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