Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Charity Art Auction
at Inspiration Avenue for
Angel Faces 
Won't you help the Inspiration Avenue Etsy Team 
contribute to this very special charity that 
helps teen girls with self esteem and life skills? 

Inspiration Avenue is having an 
Art Auction  
starting March 7 to benefit Angel Faces!

The adolescent girls that Angel Faces helps have facial disfigurements due to traumatic injury or birth anomalies, and I'm sure it's hard imagine how daunting are the challenges they must face every day. Especially as they maneuver through their teenage years. Things like teasing, staring, thoughtless or cruel questions, and even bullying. Angel Faces, during a week-long retreat, helps these girls acquire the life skills and self confidence they need to be able to reach their greatest potential. The week includes counseling, art therapy, role playing, help applying cosmetics, and much more all in a caring environment where they don't feel they are "different". The girls come from across the U.S. and around the world.

This is just a small part of the Angel Faces story. I hope you will visit their website to read about this wonderful program!

Visit Inspiration Avenue starting March 7 to view all of the available art pieces. The mediums and subject matter will be as varied as the personalities of our members (who are all incredibly talented, by the way)! The auction will run until noon on March 14. I hope you will visit and be generous for this worthwhile cause!

Please help us spread the word by grabbing the auction badge posted on the Inspiration Avenue blog, and posting it on your own blog or website!  This link will take you to the post with the html code for the badge, and also give you more info on the auction and charity. Please spread the word!! We'd be ever so grateful and excited about all the good karma coming your way!!

Don't forget to join us on March 7, 2010 to browse through all the offerings! Hint: you may be able to get a sneak peek on the individual members blogs as they post their art pieces throughout this week!  

Thank you in advance for the 
help you can give to this truly worthy charity!


  1. What a great organization! I'll definitely have to check out the auction!!!

  2. Hi! This looks like such a wonderful charity and event! I just wrote a post to share the info :) Good luck!


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