Thursday, March 11, 2010

From the Magpie's Nest

Welcome Spring!
                                 photo courtesy of wikipedia

Okay I know it's not March 21 yet, but for me spring has officially begun. I saw my first robin this morning! I have been hearing them for a few days, but hard as I tried, I couldn't see one. This morning I saw one hopping in the backyard. I don't think a robin ever flies if he can hop!

There is something about a robin that is so businesslike yet carefree, if that is possible. I know it's contradictory. Maybe they are just very clever at looking like they are conducting business, poking at the ground, hopping here and there, but really just enjoying life!

Anyway, welcome back, guys! You can't imagine how especially thrilled we are to see you this year. Maybe the brutal winter is really behind us!


Well I have been corrected. It seems the first day of spring is March 20!
Yay, a day early! Is it sometimes the 21st, or have I been celebrating
on the wrong day all these years?? 
(Happy birthday, kimbuktu) 


  1. Oh yes, it's almost spring! I saw a wee robin in my backyard this morning and a few green things poking up out of the ground :)

    I am watching the auction and have bid on a piece so I can't wait to see what happens!


  2. It does feel like spring, my favorite season by far!

    I do need to correct you on the date though, the first day of spring is March 20. I know this because it is my birthday!

  3. I feel the same way, all my green babies are leafing out, the clematis even has baby buds.....I've just got to watch the weather to make sure we don't have any late freezes, I'd hate to lose my hydrangea blooms again this year!

  4. Yea for spring! Everytime I visit your blog looks different, Maggie.
    It is always pretty and fresh and spring!
    Quite a good picture of the robin, looks professional!
    xox, Lisa

  5. Oh that's wonderful! I've been looking all week for a robin but haven't seen one yet. I know if you have though ours aren't far behind, woohoo!♥

  6. Thanks so much for the advice about posting in my Etsy Shop. We didn't get many Robins moving through this year... maybe because it's been so cold here they avoided us and moved on north where it's been warmer... Go figure...


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