Saturday, March 27, 2010

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

Opposites Attract
Wow. What was I thinking? 
I was thinking this challenge would be fun and easy, 
that's what I was thinking.

Since it was my brilliant idea, I must apologize to everyone 
who had as much trouble with it as I did!

Every time I thought of opposites,
my mind drew a great big blank. A

  big black blank  

that went with the 

big white blank

which was the only thing I could think of for "opposites".

So I decided to reach back to my graphic design days
and do a sort of layout I might do for a magazine article
using some stock photos I had around.

The guy has rejected the perfectly acceptable,  perfectly beautiful girls
in favor of the one who is most opposite.

You know what they say.
Opposites attract and then they drive each other crazy!



  1. awwww... poor you :)) but it turned out just perfectly!!

  2. I really liked this theme (even though I didn't get chance to make something this week). Funnily enough I really struggled the week I chose the theme too though - isn't it strange!

    You've come up with a very lovely and interesting piece though, Maggie, despite your struggles! Nice work :)

  3. Thanks for your kind words about my submission. This was a fun theme, challenged our minds!!!!

  4. This is cool Maggie! I love it!
    This was a fun theme... so sorry I did not have time to do one this week. You girls who do one every week are so creative! Where do you keep coming up the ideas?

  5. You're submission is excellent! You'd never know you'd struggled to come up with an idea.

  6. This is great, Maggie! All I could think of was complimentary colors, but it ended up not mattering since I didn't get done on time, lol!

  7. This was a great theme and I think you did a wonderful job!♥


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