Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekly Challenge at Inspiration Avenue
I decided to try something a little different (for me) this week.
Here is a girl who lo-o-o-o-oves purple and she has a cupcake for you.

I used colored pencil and acrylic on purple card stock. 
The cupcake is a stamp from the dollar bin at Michaels.

I have been wanting to do a watercolor but alas, all of my watercolor tubes are dried up from years and years of disuse.  Has anyone tried peeling the tubes open and adding water with the brush? Sort of like a kid's paint set. Would probably work, but wouldn't give the best result, I'll bet. Well, looks like a trip to Michael's is in the offing. Or Joann's. I have just found out how expensive paint has become. Ugh. 

Visit Inspiration Avenue to see all of the Purple entries. The deadline is Sunday at noon, so there's still time to whip up an entry of your own! Details are on the IA blog. Everyone who enters in the month of February has a chance (or chances, one for every week you enter) to win a fabulous prize from Priti Studio! Check it out at Inspiration Avenue.


  1. that's such a pretty little piece! maggie ... you are such a natural artist! i love all your artwork ... i dunno how to explain myself but, your art is simple, beautiful and "friendly" ... and seem to bring back thoughts of my youth and sweet memories of my younger days, where there's not a care in the world :)

  2. I love your piece...very pretty..your new blog background too


  3. awww, purple and cupcakes..what could be better!!! Love it

  4. WOW- purple AND cupcakes; two of my absolute favorite things!!! Also I love the expression on her face as if she's just anticipating the guilty pleasure, and her thigh highs are fab!

  5. That's one huge cupcake. I hope she isn't planning on eating it all herself or she won't remain skinny for long. I agree with Luthien - there is so much friendly fun in this!

    Re the paints - I've used dried up tubes as pans before, they work OK.

  6. ~very SWEET picture you have drawn...her eyes look as if she is having a bit of thought while holding such a tasty treat...brightest blessings~

  7. What a lovely, sweet painting Maggie! I love her stripy stockings :)

    I've never used tubes of watercolour, I always used pans, but I don't see why you couldn't cut the tubes open and add water - worth a go!

  8. So cute...such an adorable purple girl with a cupcake filled with love! I like the striped purple leggings too. Maggie, you are very talented!

  9. She is precious! Love the big cupcake. I love your new blog background and header too.
    I had the same problem with my old watercolor paints...all dried up. Such a waste! They were expensive way back then and I'm sure more now. That's why I use acrylics. They work pretty good on watercolor paper.

  10. What a sweet painting. love your use of purple and of course the giant cupcake! yum :-)

  11. She is so cute and I love her stockings they are fab! As for the cupcake, move over its all mine!!!!! Ha ha ha!!!! ♥

  12. Adore purple,since age 12!!!

    Saw my first magpies in England last winter. So amusing along the roads collecting their goods.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

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