Saturday, March 20, 2010

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

My Town
Greensburg is not my home town.  But after 15 years it qualifies as "my town".  I consider it my son's "home town" since he has lived here since the age of 5. The little girls from the 20s? 30s? look quite at home on the page. In other words, these buildings haven't changed in 80-100 years! In the case of the courthouse, maybe closer to 150 years. And of course nowadays, everyone is busily trying to preserve, renovate, and restore to make sure nothing changes in the future either! Our house is in a "historic district" and although there are some fine old homes located here and there, some of it is just plain shabby. But, oh well, we all like shabby chic, right?

This piece shows a rather "fantasy" view of Greensburg, founded in 1799, named after the Revolutionary War General Nathanael Greene. While researching, I found that there are towns in several states (Greensboro, NC, Greenville, SC to name a few) that were also named after the General. He really got around! He was either much loved or else people found his name quite impossible to resist when naming towns. And now we are back in fashion again, since "green" is the new buzzword!  

This is a mixed media piece consisting of photos of some buildings in town, acrylic paint, and decorative papers collaged on stretched canvas.

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  1. wow maggie! this is an awesome piece! i love how you puzzled together all the places of interest into one coherent piece. it really shows off the cream of your town perfectly. and the little vintage girls are looking totally at home! what a brilliant touch to show "no change". the collage made me WANT to visit your town. such beautiful architecture you wonderful it must be to live in such a historical and pretty place.

  2. OMG woooow this is so beautiful.
    Fantastic creation. Love them.

  3. Maggie your artwork is wonderful, the image of those little girls does fit perfectly with the images of the town buildings. Really lovely art!

    The history was interesting to read too - yes, "green" is a nice prefix to use for places, I can see why there are so many taken from his name :)

  4. I love, love, LOVE this one- but then, I love ALL your collages!
    Gorgeous work- the girls really belong with all those lovely buildings!

  5. Beautiful! I love that you told us a little about the history of your town. I really get the historical significance through your collage of all the old homes and architecture.
    Thanks for playing.

  6. Maggie what a fantastic piece! I love the layers!

  7. very, very cool! love the history bit as well!

  8. A beautiful postcard from your lovely town. iT'S great seeing where we all live. Perhaps I should have taken a more interesting picture than an abandoned shopping trolley!!

  9. What a beautiful way to show off your town! You did a lovely job!

  10. Lovely homage to the town! Those two girls are the cutest!

  11. What a great slice of history you've served up, Maggie. I agree with seems like you completed a puzzle...lots of pieces coming together to make a great peice of art!
    Maggie, I have noticed what an excellent writer you are. Always tying up the loose ends and no uneeded fluff...just like your art. You should be published, girlfriend!


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