Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stencil Test Drive

Fun Borders
It's time for another Stencil Test Drive!
Jessica Sporn has created a new line of stencils 
(available at Stencil Girl Products). She asked me and some other artists 
to "test drive" the stencils of our choice and 
I was immediately drawn to the Fun Borders stencil.
I really wanted to try out this varied collection of creative stencils!

So many different styles on one sheet,
but I have to say I was drawn right away to
the stars and spirals on the left side.
So much so, that I created a painting that I used as my 
Christmas card back in December when I first received the stencil.
It's perfect for  a night time sky!

I had a lot of fun using the stencil to make washi tape...
(the borders and a long strand of tape are meant for each other :)
The top one is the checkerboard pattern with a bit of embellishment,
and the purple one was made with a portion of 
the ornate, swirly stencil, third from the left.

The one below was made with my favorite stars and spirals, of course.

I've used the tape in an art journal...

This journal is starting on its round robin travels today.
I'm mailing it off to Priti Lisa, the first stop on its nine-month journey!

Another journal page, using one of the borders.
This stencil reminds me of ancient art, maybe Aztec or Egyptian?

Before I added the flowers:

I stenciled this border onto a Gelli Plate print...
I love these ornate patterns!

One more thing I created that I forgot to add last night.
I was reminded of it when I saw the awesome bookmarks
Judy Shea has made with the stencils and polymer clay.

I used this elegant border to make a bookmark using glass beads.
I love the raised, shiny texture of the beads and the intricacy of the stencil.

I actually just wanted to experiment with glass beads and the stencils,
but I love the way this came out, so I think I will use it as a bookmark!

There are 4 other artists who selected Fun Borders for their test drive.
Drive on over and see what they've created:

And visit Jessica's blog as well for her wonderful art
and to see all of the Stencil Test Drives as they happen! 


  1. That's wonderful! I love what you've done with the stencil. :)

  2. So gorgeous Maggie - I love them all but am especially wowed by how you created your own washi tape! Fab! Thanks for joining the test drive!

  3. These are beautiful, Maggie. And the tape.. brilliant. Glad to be driving along with you. Judy

  4. Wonderful ideas with the stencil Maggie! Great idea for the washi tape--didn't think of that one :) I love your bookmark--the black really shows the design!

  5. Love what you did with the stencils! My favs are the Washi Tape and the bookmark...both gorgeous!

  6. Fabulous creations, Maggie! That tape is awesome... so vibrant and bright!

  7. Squeals of excitement when I saw all the different ways you used the stencil! My favorite is - nope- can't pick a favorite- they are all wonderful!


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