Monday, February 18, 2013

Some journal pages for
The Magical Journal Journey
Our journal swap is getting ready to start!
It even has a name right at the beginning this time
thanks to Lisa, the Wright One who is so clever with words!

This is the cover of my journal.
I chose Orange, Yellow, and Gray as my color scheme,
and frankly I loved it at first but I'm really looking forward to
using some different colors, which I will be able to do because
each of the nine artists have chosen a different combo.
The first book I'll receive is Gemma's and ooooh ~
I will get to use Purple, plus bits of other colors like magenta,
turquoise, and lime green :) I can't wait!

Inside front cover. You may have seen this before (my February Face).
I added a bit more of a February feel to it, but the hope of Spring is
peeking out in the orange glow at the top. I may add some writing 
somewhere on the page.
I added this flap between the 2 pages because I didn't like 
the way they looked right next to each other.

I will add some writing somewhere on this page.
I love this little girl in the car. She's ready to do some serious driving.

This is also for Mandarin Orange Monday.

Last page I have completed...
I have a couple more to do, and then it's in the mail to Priti Lisa!

(The stencil in the background is from Jessica Sporn's Fun Borders, 
one that she created for Stencil Girl Products, and
one that I am "test driving" on February 27!
I hope you'll check back for the blog post about that!)
“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows.
It's what sunflowers do.”    ~ Helen Keller



  1. How beautiful! I love your pages and I'm feeling VERY inspired to work in your book....of course it will be a while, since yours is also the last one I get. BUT, that means that it will be chock full of beautiful art from our friends!
    Love the little girl, and the "9 Artists" motif....actually, I LOVE everything about this!

  2. It's gorgeous, Maggie! Full of sunshine and wonderful little houses and natures beauty. Such a pretty color combination. It will be such a treat to see her in person. Eeek!

  3. Maggie, your book is just fabulous! I love your colors and the pages you did.

  4. Oh, I wasn't finished! I especially Love your February girl that shows 9 Artists and your flowers are so fun and whimsical! I picked orange as one of my colors so I can't wait to work in your book with it. Love <3

  5. I'm so happy to be a part of this again - can't wait to get my hands on these journals!! This is so lovely Maggie - agree with you about the little girl - she looks ready for a big drive!!

  6. Your journal is looking gorgeous!! As always I'm blown away by your talent Maggie - I ache to have half of your skill! Your colours work really well, I love the layering of images, patterns & paint effects. The girl in the car is adorable and the road she has ahead of her makes me excited for the Magical Journal Journey we have before us. My journal is taking a lot longer than it should and I'm getting worried about finishing it satisfactorily. Life keeps getting in the way of me creating - very annoying ;-) I really hope it'll turn out okay and be something like I dreamed it could.

    Looking forward to admiring your journal in my hands :-)
    Kat Xx

  7. I love your journal. You are so such an inspiring soul. I have been reading about art-journaling, Such a beautiful experience. I hope to chalange myself one day. I grabbed your button and put it on my blog. I hope to do this with others, as I am on the front lines of blogging.

  8. Such beautiful idea...turn the page on February and everything is sunshine and spring! I am so glad you are using the 9 too! I had so much fun sneaking in the 8 last year. You are wonderful ♥♥

  9. I'm in awe! Your cover and each page are just astonishingly gorgeous!! You really have a fabulous eye for colour, pattern and composition x


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