Thursday, February 7, 2013

29 Faces

February face

Day 5

I'm 2 days behind...I'll be back with 2 or 3 more faces . . .


  1. Love all of your faces. This one is so nice and dreamy, and the quote goes really well with it. great work!

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  3. Duh, lets start again....Lovely face, so delicate...the textured background really make the face seem even more delicate. There, now I spelled it right. xox

  4. OMGosh girl! I love that face! Your work is so darn awesome... but don't let that go to your head... :D
    I know, isn't that imprint of my front door in the snow amazing?! It looks like Dr. Zhivago land around here right now!
    Stay warm my dear friend,

  5. Beautiful. So soft and pretty.
    Loved looking back at your other designs also.
    Have joined your site :o)

  6. Your February face is very beautiful. There is a lot of emotion in her eyes. Really a lovely painting.

  7. You paint beautiful faces :) I love this one with the poem, an inspired touch! x

  8. This emotive face is a perfect accompaniment to the quote! I love the haunting eyes peering out of the sumptuous layers and textures you've created. Fab!

    Kat Xx

  9. This one is amazing with the subtle colors, the texture and the Shakespeare quote. Perfect combination of elements. Love!

  10. Oh Maggie, I LOVE this!!!
    What a perfect quote from the Master wordsmith.
    I am jotting this one down.
    I wish you would make this into a print.
    If you do, please let me know, I love her so much♥
    February is the hardest month, and thankfully the shortest.
    The gray eyes...

  11. You made beautiful faces! This one in particular looks awesome with the texture and the text.
    Thanks for participating in this challenge! I hope to see you again in September!


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