Sunday, February 17, 2013

February Holidays
at Inspiration Avenue

Even though I was tempted to pick a more obscure holiday for my entry
in this week's challenge, in the end I chose Valentine's Day
because I just can't ever resist the color red.

My second choice would have been Gumdrop Day
(the spicy RED ones are my favorite, also the black ones), 
and after reading Lou Anne's post,
I had to go out and get a bag of spiced gumdrops.
I'm still not sure if these are made-up holidays or not.
But since I had an excuse to buy a bag of candy,
I'm not asking questions.

Here is the front and back of a tag I made when we had our 
Tag Swap

Coming soon, we will have blog posts featuring 
the tags that were made and sent. 
Stay tuned to Inspiration Avenue for that.

Head on over to see the entries in the February Holidays challenge:


Gelli Plates

Am I the last one to jump on the Gelli Plate craze?

I've been hearing about them constantly, and finally got tired of
watching everyone else have fun. Didn't want to spend the $27 + shipping
if it was something that would eventually end up mouldering in a drawer.
Yes, I have things like that, but I do mostly use all of my art supplies,
so I talked myself right into it. 

I'll say this: if you like layered backgrounds in your art,
this is a fun, quick way to get some that look like you spent hours
(or at least many minutes) creating. And it is astonishing
how many different looks it's possible to get. Okay, I'll admit it:
it's actually hard to stop making them. I played for about an hour
yesterday, using stencils, stamps, and a few other things like 
bubble wrap to make some textures in the paint.
Here are a few others I made:

I concentrated on these colors because my color combo
for the art journal swap is orange, yellow, and gray.
I thought I might use some of these as backgrounds
in my journal. Or cut some pieces out and use as collage. 
I have a page or two still to do. I'm trying to 
have it in the mail to Priti Lisa by the end of the week.

When it's ready to go, I'll post the completed pages here.
It will be the last time I'll see it until . . . November?
Yes ~ I think, November . . .

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. Maggie, I love your Valentine tag! It's just beautiful. The little girl with her rosy red cheeks is darling and the red background is perfect for it! Of course, the back is pretty too! I love the spicy red (and every other color) of gumdrops too. So, Happy Belated Gumdrop Day!

  2. Your journal background pages are way cool. I have been working in will go in the mail to you later this week as well.


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