Saturday, March 9, 2013

Memories of Schooldays!

Show and Tell

This week at Inspiration Avenue the theme is 
Show and Tell
Lou Anne channeled her teaching days and told us we could choose 
anything at all that we'd like to show. Could be something old or new.

I have a new Life Book lesson that I've completed
so thought I'd post it here. The layered background was 
fun to do. I even enjoyed rolling up all the little bits of paper!
Although, that part was my own take ~ the lesson was slightly 
different when it came to the heart. 

The center of the large heart is filled with glass beads 
over a crumpled pink tissue paper border. The glass beads
create a kind of cheesy plastic surface, but I sort of like it anyway :)
It took forever to dry and I had to reinforce the back of the piece since
I created it on mixed media paper and it began to affect the back of the paper.
All's well now's quite sturdy.

I have a few journal pages that I haven't posted yet, although my journal
has already gone to Priti Lisa, and the pages Lisa has done in it
are spectacular!! Click on her name above to visit her blog.

Here are the remaining pages I have not posted til now:

back cover:

Visit Inspiration Avenue and check out the 
Show and Tell challenge.

You have until Sunday, March 10 to 
show us what you've been working on 
and tell us all about it!


  1. Maggie You inspire!
    Love your great ideas and interesting techniques with glass beads,tissue paper & all. Also love your pocket for tags. (Maybe you'll make me a pocket?) I plan to make and send tags with the rest of the journals.

  2. Maggie, I love everything you shared this week. The heart collage is so beautiful. Each layer is so full of color and texture. Your journal pages are stunning too. You know I love that little cat border. I'm so glad you shared some special images for our Show and Tell this week. You always inspire and amaze me.

  3. Wow. The rolled paper technique is great! I've never thought of doing that. And as a Frida Kahlo fanatic, I've got to love that tags pocket on the back cover.

  4. Fianlly getting around.
    Love your pieces - especially the heart! Gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful Heart Maggie!
    I am so lucky to see you art with my own hands,
    it is incredibly touchable...
    so many layers and secret potions.
    And that hand-made tape is so, so cool.
    I may try to make some ♥♥♥


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