Sunday, February 3, 2013

29 Faces is back!

29 Faces: days 1 ~ 4

and a Magical Journal Journey update . . .

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

This is a figure I made and cut out.
She has a candy wrapper skirt.
I'm planning to use her soon in a collage or
mixed media piece. Just trying to find the time to do it!

She sits on my art table saying:
You're not going to leave me like this, are you?
And I tell her, “No no! Of course not!!*fingers crossed*

The 2 middle faces I've published before, very recently.
Never used for 29 faces before, I promise! lol!


Another journal swap is getting ready to start!
I'll be posting more about that in the next months,
but wanted to post my journal itself which, I am proud to say,
I have assembled entirely from scratch!

The covers were cut from an old book about Billy Graham that
I got at the Goodwill store. It was rather dated-looking and I thought
Mr. Graham might not mind. So far I have the cover almost complete,
and part of the inside cover. This time we have each selected a
color combination for our journals to be loosely followed 
as the journal travels around. My colors are 
orange yellow , and gray
plus any other bits of color anyone would like to add. 
I certainly don't want to hold anyone to that color scheme 
and hope everyone feels free to do what they like!

Stitching the binding was time consuming, but
not as difficult as I thought it would be.

A glitch, though: even though I pulled the thread as tight as I could,
now it seems to be stretching and there is space
between each of the signatures:

The other pages are alright though.

The instructions called for waxed linen thread. My thread was
waxed, but not made of linen. Maybe linen thread
would not stretch so much. I'm thinking about cutting the
binding and doing it again with linen thread...
I have until March 1 . . .  :)


Speaking of March. And Spring.
Phil the Groundhog made his prediction yesterday
about the weather and the coming of spring.
And what he said is that we will have an early spring.
Apparently he did not see his shadow and this foretells
an early spring. Mind you, his success rate is only 39%.
You'd think it would be better. He has a 50-50 chance
since there are only 2 answers: Early Spring or Not an Early Spring.
Still, I'm hoping he's right this time!


  1. I can't stand how much I love this journal Maggie! I sewed a journal too using the coptic stitch...but I haven't done the cover OR checked to see if my stitches are slipping...I don't even know what kind of thread I used...something label-less that was sitting in a box.
    Anyway, love yours and all of those faces (especially #3) and the candy girl. And I even like Phil this year :) ♥♥

  2. Love your blog and the faces... so much that I am now a follower :)

  3. I LOVE your journal- can't wait to get in my hands to play, play, PLAY! And hooray, you're doing 29 Faces again! I thought about it, but I've been running so crazy busy lately, I decided it would be one thing too many for now!
    I'll enjoy seeing what you do though!

  4. What beauty and feeling in those eyes. Great work and that journal is fantastic!

  5. Fabulous faces and the journal is beautiful. Hope you find a home soon for your lonely lady!

  6. Your faces are gorgeous!!! I LOVE them - and I really love those lips on Day 1 - so full and pouty - that's tough for me. AND yes don't leave her hanging - she's too cute to be standing there - OR maybe she just needs a friend to stand with her? LOVE the candy wrapper dress too. xo

  7. What a great journal! I am one of the Joy In The Post Blog Party winners, and I love your work. I am looking forward to begin my Journal Journey with my group of friends! Thanks for sharing! keep up the good work!

  8. You are so talented, did you study Art and Design?

    1. Thank you all! I love your blog visits and comments!

      Kim, I took a year of Art in college, but then Life intervened and I spent a lot of time not pursuing art :( But I've found so much inspiration here online in this wonderful art community! So many talented artists, and you'd be surprised at how many art classes are offered right in this same community. Lots of them are free, too, and some are listed in my sidebar. I feel like I've learned so much in the past few years, and I hope to keep on learning!

  9. Oh my goodness your journal is amazing - can't believe you've made it yourself too, it looks sooo professional! I think I need to up my game ha ha! Real
    ly interesting colour scheme you've chosen too - will be great to work with!

  10. Oh I missed this post before! I love your journal! It looks so perfectly done I'd have guessed you had practice. I love the inviting cover full of imaginative inspirational collage images.

    My journal is looking rather....unique & ...alternative right now. But I guess that's okay cause it'll be personal to me. I just wish sometimes I could produce something neater & more polished. But it is a learning curve that I've enjoyed climbing.

    I look forward to holding and admiring your journal when it comes to visit me :-)

    Kat Xx

  11. Thanks for answering Maggie. There are so many art resources out there and in here. I am glad I tapped into IA. 29 Portraits in 29 days is intense, however last night while plunked infront of the TV, I started a sketch and thought I could use it towards this face challange. Now I am going to poke about to see who else is doing it.


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