Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's Going On
Things have been happening underfoot, 
and by that I mean literally under our feet.
A couple months ago, hubby decided to do something about our
upstairs floors, which were badly in need of help.
We decided to sand, stain and seal the ugly painted wood. 

Sounds good in theory, but my advice to you is: 

Never do this if you are living in the house.
Before and after
 When I say "we", I mean my husband; this was his project
and he did all the work with some help from our son.
It was nasty, stinky, dusty work, but they did a great job.
I have to say, the first two rooms turned out awesome.

The trouble is, the room that's left is my office/creative space.
I've begged, argued, procrastinated, used logic,
and threatened to get them to leave my space alone.
After all, you can barely even see the floor in there.
What a waste of all that work!
But I have finally run out of arguments,
and I will be packing up all of this and more
by the end of the week and putting it . . . somewhere else.
This includes my computer. I'm hoping I will still
be able to visit blogs etc., but it's going to seriously curtail
any attempt at artsy-type work (or play).
Ugh, I imagine I'll find some stuff I didn't even know I had.

Plus, in a cruel twist of fate, 
the stairs to my bedroom on the third floor 
are inside this room, and it's the only way to get up there. 
I'll be losing my bedroom, bathroom, and office/art room
all at the same time. The first rooms were off-limits
for about two weeks. I feel almost homeless!

Alright, chin up and quit whinging and whining.
Better go find some boxes . . .


  1. Sheepishly pocking my head above this rock for a visit ~ I know it's been far to long. *sorry*

    Love, love, love those upstairs floors ~ WOW!! They really came out great!

    It has to be tough to give up your studio AND computer for a week, that's just not fun at all! I'm sure it will be fabulous when it done though and I' hope you're doing great otherwise!

    Ok... back under my rock...

  2. Oh Maggie!!! I think you should take a vacation until this is over...imagine...a bed and bath of your own, breakfast made for you, internet access...
    Those floors are to die for, wow, nice work guys ☺
    and some love for for my dear Maggie♥♥♥

  3. HEY!!! it's gonna be all worth it you know! you get time off, get a new floor ... well, many new floors ... they look magnificent btw ... and, you don't have to do all the dirty work! :) what a NICE hubby!!!

  4. Sharon! It's sooo nice to hear from you :D ! Don't go back under your rock lol!

    Lisa, hmmm ... a vacation sounds lovely...well, for now I guess it's just a dream...

    Luthien, oh you are so right ~ I guess (mostly!) I am just trying to be a little humorous. I actually feel so lucky for the things you mentioned. I have really wanted to have those floors done for over 10 years now :)

    I have been very bad about blog visiting lately. I am making my way around to all the favorite blogs I used to visit more regularly. You ladies above: Sharon, Lisa, and Luthien, are 3 of my top favorites! xoxo

  5. You poor thing! I hope things are going well with the floor and you've managed to find a temporary creative space. The good news is, like you said, you'll probably find all sorts of gorgeous art materials that you'd forgotten you had. When I've had to move I've always rediscovered things forgotten and it can be like going shopping in an art/craft shop. Hope this is the case for you & that you manage a positive experience from a difficult one.

    Kat Xx

  6. Wow you just wrote my post! We just pulled up carpet in our whole house and decided to paint our concrete floors...also not a good idea while you are living in the house. Every room but my art/studio room and that will be the last room done. It is messy, dusty and will be so worth it when it's done but not as easy peasy as we first thought. Probably good we didn't know it at the time or we would still have that yucky carpet.
    Your floor are beautiful.
    Hang in there. I will show you my pic when we are done. Then I will tackle my art room....ugh


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