Thursday, June 16, 2011

Paint Party Friday

Following the Creek
I was thinking of summers past and present, and remembered
a post from a couple of years ago about summer days in the 60s.
We had tons of fun in our unstructured, disorganized way.

One of the activities that kept us busy was following the
neighborhood creek to its end. But, as we discovered, it
had no end! Or none that was closer than miles and miles
from our neighborhood, I'm sure. But being 10 years old,
we actually thought if we set out to follow it, we would
eventually come to the end. Never mind tangled undergrowth
that was impossible to walk through, or that it might take us 
until well past dinnertime or even into the next day! 
Ending up hopelessly lost in unfamiliar territory?
Never entered our minds.

What were we hoping to see at the end? 
Nothing in particular. Just the end of the creek, 
and then we could move on to the next challenge.
But, as I said, we never made it to the end. Truth be told,
what we were calling the end was actually the beginning
(since we were walking upstream, sheesh) and the water probably 
trickled out of a rock or an underground spring somewhere far away.
Too far to walk, but we didn't care about that!

When I was putting together this mixed media collage,
I thought of those summer days. I had no other purpose in mind
than putting together images that I liked. It's a bit messy,
but I don't think I'll clean it up. I'll leave it as-is, just like those
memories of our long ago summer days.


Wow, where did this come from?
This beauty popped open yesterday amid all of the
plain red and yellow lilies (as if any lily could be called 'plain').
If I planted this, it has never bloomed before. 
And if I didn't plant it. . . who did?

I love lilies, and I try to enjoy them during the short time they
are blooming. Will have to give some extra time to this one!

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Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Aaah... What a wonderful summer post... such great memories of times wandering by the "crick" hee hee!

    I think the page is beautiful and I really admire your handwriting... love, love, love the way it appears to have just flowed from your fingertips :)


  2. What a great story of carefree summers from childhood. I know ours just seemed to last forever and it always seemed to be sunny but as we're lucky to get 1 day of sun for summer nowadays I sometimes wonder if my memories have become distorted in the mists of time!! This is a great work and I love the wheel of fortune element - so much meaning because of the memories it evokes for you. Haoppy PPF!

  3. Very cool pages of a great adventure! We all need more of those kinds of adventures I think.

    Beautiful lily. I suspect it is a mutant offshoot of the others. A gorgeous one!

  4. You described the adventure perfectly in words
    mixed media collage.
    You captured a memory!!

  5. Wonderful memories and your page is very evocative. Annette x

  6. Beautiful collage, and orange and red flowers, why not do something about it before it withers? Draw it! Saludos

  7. Great memories! :) I, too, sometimes ponder on innocence of my childhood. How everything seemed interesting and how I was always ready for an adventure. It never crossed my mind to think twice about it. :) Beautiful journal page!

  8. great post and artwork about some great memories!

  9. I love this - the wheel reminds me of a Native American Medicine wheel. So cool!!!

  10. Love this collage! What a undertaking to follow the creek. I thought all tributaries eventually end up at the ocean. Guess you reall had a ways to go. :-)

  11. Loved your story about a summer past. It's a great collage filled with your memories. Happy PPF!

  12. Memories in Mixed Media. Thank you for sharing your unique and creative piece. HAPPY PPF!

  13. I love your collage and the wonderful story behind it- that's something you'll treasure forever!

  14. I love your collage, and summer memories can be great fun. What a wonderful memory you have. I planted some lilies this year too. Got tired of planting annuals each year, and spending the money. Happy PPF!

  15. What an awesome lily!
    A few summers ago our creek dried up and I did walk along it one evening to see where it sure was a winding path to nowhere fast...

  16. Oh I remember those same type of memories! Wonderful and free we were! I love white Cala Lilly for some reason, yet I am not a huge fan of things white...maybe I'm changing. Beautiful flowers, lovely collage, and thanks for the walk down memory lane!

    Hugs Giggles


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