Sunday, June 12, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

The theme this week is BAKE.
Leave it to Lisa of The Wright Stuff to give us a challenge
that really makes you think. The first thought
I had was to paint a luscious pie or some other sweet treat.
Which I was perfectly excited to do until I realized
that I have no idea how to transfer all that
scrumptiousness onto paper. Hmmm.

Something a little easier to draw
is the Baker instead of the Baked Goods.
I had fun painting my little Baker Girl.
To me she looks quite serious about her confections
which, I hope, means they are quite yummy.

Since this is another journal entry,
I had a blank page to fill beside the baker.
So here is a sentiment that caught my attention
right away. Someday soon I hope to put this into practice:
Stop by Inspiration Avenue on Sunday afternoon
to see what others have cooked up for the theme "Bake"!

Ta Ta! I'm off to have a slice of the apple pie I baked last night...


  1. Oh Maggie- I LOVE your little baker girl- she is beautiful! I can see her as a card that would be SO popular- you should put her in Etsy (I'm just sayin...)

  2. I sooooo love this and your 'sentiment' is one I would subscribe to, any day of the week!

  3. Oh how cute she is, with her yummy cake! Nice painting!

  4. Hi! This is adorable.
    Especially love the sentiment.
    I agree it would make a cute card.

  5. Well, this is my first smile of the day!!!

  6. How sweet! :) Love the way she's carrying the cake. :)

  7. This is so pretty Maggie, even the colours you've choosen are sweet and delicious!

  8. She LOOKS every bit a baker!


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