Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rainbow Challenge

Over the Rainbow
was the theme at Inspiration Avenue this week.
Shelly at Pics by Shel stepped up and brought us this brilliant theme!
It is very difficult to find a fairy who will pose for a picture,
especially when they are so seldom seen. If you see one,
their image will only be stored in your memory for an instant.
Since they enchant you right on the spot, your
memory of them is erased as soon as they fly away.

I was lucky to spot a rainbow fairy who could be persuaded to pose. 
I tempted her with some delectable rare truffles
that were given to me a long time ago by another fairy.

Being very vain, as fairies mostly are,
(and also possessing a voracious appetite for truffles)
she was concerned about being placed on the right sort of
background to show off her brilliant rainbow finery.
Many, many backgrounds later, this is what I came up with,
and that is why I am late again with my entry for the weekly challenge. 

She really wanted a much more colorful (rainbow) background
and disappeared in a huff when I told her this was the 
final, absolute end. Good riddance!
But, HA, I do have her image permanently down on paper!
(Funny, I can't remember her at all
unless I'm looking at the picture ;)

Please visit Inspiration Avenue on Sunday afternoon
to see all of the colorful rainbow entries!


  1. I suspect that she posed because she is a rainbow Fairy, and who can see a rainbow and not share it?
    Is that even possible? I love your submission!

  2. If you leave pennies in the garden often fairies will come in for a kodak moment.

  3. Such a treat to come and visit. This is gorgeous.

  4. A delightful tale and illustration dear Maggie. Those fairies eh? Such little scamps!

  5. Love your rainbow fairy! So much fun to read you, too. :)

  6. LOL - excellent post *big smile on my face*. This is beautiful and she may not like it but your rainbow fairy looks better for being on this wonderful background I'd say because she shines out in her beautiful rainbow attire as a result!

    Liking the new blog header - very positive, welcoming and creative.

    Kat X

  7. She looks mischevious as well as beautiful - I like her! Fabulous, whimsical and colourful - perfect!

    PS I really like your new blog header too
    PPS Don't suppose there are any of those truffles left over...? x

  8. Absolutely delightful story. The fairy's obviously quite happy with those truffles, but you can see she's poised for flight.

  9. I just found you today,, stunning work you do,, I'm trying to follow but the followers list won't come up,, I'll keep trying HPPF!


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