Saturday, July 9, 2011

Listing My Art on Etsy!

Finally, A Milestone!
My forced hiatus from creating art is still ongoing,
but something positive has resulted:
I've taken the time to begin listing some of my
original art in my Etsy shop. Yay!

One of the sticking points keeping me from doing this was: 
To open a new shop or add to my existing shop?
I could dither about that for a year, but finally decided ~
a few people already visit my shop...that's better than no people lol!
I hope to add much more, plus prints. 
Prints are available now, I just don't have them listed. 
I'd love to have all of you lovelies visit me there!

If you've noticed, like I have just noticed,
in the screen shot above ~ my last Google search was
"climbing hydrangea not blooming".
I await (not patiently) every summer for the hydrangea
to bloom. I have other hydrangeas that bloom profusely,
but this climbing one just climbs and climbs,
with nary a flower. I have read that it can be 7 years
or more before they grace us with a bloom.
We are quickly leaving 7 years behind, 
so I think I've waited long enough!
Does anyone have a trick to make 
a climbing hydrangea bloom?
I'd be so happy to hear of it!

The floors are all finished in the hallway and my art room,
but we cannot begin moving furniture in for another week.
This room, that is barely the size of some people's
walk-in closets, has 4 doors, 2 windows, and
a funky little L-shape at the entrance that is unusable.
But it's MY little space, and for that I'm grateful :)

Now that it has had its transformation, I am
hankering for a comfortable chair to add
to the chaos that is usually my creative space.
What better place to meditate on the subject of Inspiration?
(If I get this chair, I promise I will keep the space less chaotic :)

So, all I need is: 
a) The chair.
b) A way to fit it into this tiny space.

I'll be happy to get back to entering the challenges at 
Inspiration Avenue, when I can spread out with my
art supplies again. Right now I am restricted to pencils
and sketchbooks, with nowhere to make a mess with paint.
I'd Rather be Reading (Poetry)
I thought to do a drawing of some kind for the challenge
this week, which is "Poetry". But I'm not liking this much.
I may turn it into a painting later, and maybe I will like it better.
Stop by Inspiration Avenue ~ there are some amazing
entries for the Poetry theme, brought to us by
Priti.Lisa! I love the artwork I've seen, as well as
the poetry that inspired them.

I hope you're having a lovely summer weekend!


  1. Oh Maggie, I am SO GLAD you're adding your art in there! I've checked by your shop every once in a while to if you had and now, you ARE- HOORAY!!!
    Question- have you decided how to price your prints, I'm planning to add prints to my shop but want to hit the pricing somewhere in the middle......
    'grats again- SO happy for you, oh and lady lover of poetry is wonderful!

  2. maggie :)
    congratulations on this new and exciting venture!! Whoot! i'm glad you made the decision to dive in ... life is short, so 'just do it' :)
    and my ... your boys did a great job on the floor ... i am sure you will have many many happy days creating in there from now :) new energy is good!

  3. Goodness...your new floors are
    G O R G E O U S !!

  4. That floor is gorgeous! We live in a rental and my art room is carpeted... Light beige no less! So I covered them with a drop cloth in case of spills and then put a rug over the drop cloth to quiet it down... Not pretty, but functional. Congrats on your Etsy listings! I'm going to visit... My shop currently has nothing in it... I'm kind of in a transition.

  5. Good luck with your shop. I love your lady lover of poetry.

  6. I just put a chair in my is so nice to sit and look at books, or admire my wall of inspiration...I love your floors!!!
    You should see my floors! I also approve of the paint color.
    A small space is cozy, like an art womb.
    Thank you for the compliment♥ And you sketch is so good...I used to walk to school and back...reading all the way. I don't think I could do that now, wouldn't want to break a hip, lol.

  7. Yay Congrats to you!! Shine on!
    and love this post..the sketch is beautiful.. love her dress...she is FAB!

  8. LOVE this!! she looks one hot poetry babe :)

  9. I went to your etsy shop before coming here and was so happy that you're now including your stunning original art. I feel blessed to own one of your mixed media paintings and funnily enough today have been showing off my gorgeous angel to some friends who've not visited for a while. They all loved it! I was also telling them about you, how I met you through the blogging world and how lovely you are.

    Your floors and room are coming on great. Bet you can't wait to get your room back. A comfy chair will be a very important investment, for sure.

    Like your poetry entry. I feel sad I didn't get to join in this week as I did love Lisa's theme.

    Kat X

  10. Wow! Loads of fun news in this one ~ a huge congrats on adding your art to Etsy (that's been a long time coming, whoot!) and those floors are GoRGeOUs!!


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