Sunday, April 3, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

Self Portrait
I was sure I would have a hard time with this challenge,
since I haven't done a self portrait since I was in school.

I started a painting, 

hated it, 

especially the background,

so I cut it out
 and hated it more.

I dithered around all week and
by Friday it was time to begin:

and lo and behold! 

Of the 21 classes,
one was titled "The Self Portrait Experience"
taught by the amazing Barbara Nigg.

I immediately checked that one out first.
It's the only one I have investigated so far,
but IMHO the $59 fee for 21 classes 
by 21 talented teachers seems well worth it!
Click the will take you to Tam's Willowing
site where she has all the information, 
since she is one of the teachers. (!!)

So back to the self portrait.
I got some ideas from Barbara's class,
and I rather like the result,
since I am not front and center 
in the middle of the page anymore.

Of course I had to screw up my courage and
ask my hubby, "Do you think this looks like me?"
Because he is honest as the day is long,
and won't hesitate to burst my bubble
if my bubble needs to be burst.
As I held my breath, he said,
"You made yourself a bit younger..."
I said, "Of course I did! 
Look ~ Jesse standing on top of my head 
is 20 years younger!"
He grudgingly admitted that was true,
so I am assuming it does look somewhat like me.
Or he would have burst my bubble.

My head is feeling a bit cluttered now,
so I have to run.

Check out all the amazing entries 
at Inspiration Avenue later on Sunday.
I have seen most of them, so I can tell you
they are quite wonderful!


  1. Magie Magie Magie I love you pic and neat to see where the challenge idea came from. sweeet.

  2. Wonderful post!! I so enjoyed that..beautiful!! I started one too..didn't finish it..a great challenge!! beautifl work..gorgeous!!

  3. Very cool. It is great that you included things that are important to you.

  4. Full of fun Maggie - which is exactly how I imagine you to be :)

  5. what a clever collage that tells us a lot!

  6. I think she looks just like you, Maggie! Although I didn't realize you wore glasses....Maybe you should paint a portrait of your "old" husband...see if you can burst his bubble LOL! Just kidding :)

  7. I love the frist one. the colalage aand all of the things surrounding you are so fun!

  8. Wow - until you mentioned painting I thought that was a 'photo' of you in the collage!

    I love the things coming out of your head telling us what's in your mind. And all the colours and details in the collage are wonderful. Really good submission for this week's SP theme.

    Kat X

  9. Hi there, I love your scenic route collage self portrait. How fantastic. Hope you have a wonderful week. Theresa

  10. What a fun project! Love your self portrait collage!

    Happy Spring!
    Gaby xo

  11. I agree with you...not crazy about self portraits. Yours turned out beautiful. I was looking at that workshop 21 secrets as well. I have not finished previous ones yet so I'm trying to control myself. I think I need one that tells me how to manage time. :)

  12. Maggie, I love this- and I totally know what you mean about not liking self portraits. I feel the same way! I like the way you are central to the image but there's also so much more going on. And the way you glazed (is that what you did?) over your face and added your baby and the flowers and such- great work!
    Oh and I bow to you for posting a challenge that you knew you would be challenged by too- very impressive!

  13. Fab submission Maggie - I really like the way you've textured up your painting, and love that you've surrounded yourself with all the things that make you "you".


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