Saturday, April 9, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

Roald Dahl
~ from James and the Giant Peach ~

A wonderful challenge this week,
the brainstorm of Lisa at The Wright Stuff:

Roald Dahl

This one was really stumping me, but of course
that's what a challenge is all about . . . hopefully :)

I was reading some of James and the Giant Peach
and suddenly got an image in my head of
poor little James, living with his horrible aunts,
and longing for his parents and the life they had before.
So this is my version of the aunts' ramshackle house and 
James in the garden gazing toward his former home.

I wanted it to be simple, more like an illustration,
so I used watercolor and graphite pencil
(with a hint of prismacolor pencils because I always go 
running for my colored pencils when I get in trouble). 

> ^_^ <

The entries will be posted on Sunday as usual
on the Inspiration Avenue blog.
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  1. this is sssoooooooooooooo
    I love the dreamy feeling!!!

  2. Maggie, it's a delight! James and Roald would both be proud of you!

    You're right - it was supposed to be a real challenge this week. I thought we all needed something to really test us!!

  3. It's wonderful Maggie! So charming. Love it!

  4. This is perfect Maggie! You've done a wonderful job; I could easily see this in a children's book. I'd love to see more of your "illustration" style!

  5. I too would like to see more work in this style- it's soft and charming. I also love that wistful quality you captured- beautiful work!

  6. This is my favorite! A great illustration that goes so well with the mood of the story.

  7. You've skillfully and imaginatively brought this passage to life. Your illustration is wonderful! Great entry for this week's theme.
    Kat X

  8. My gosh, Maggie, you've churned out another beautiful piece. I love the depth in this illustration...poor little James and even the peach! I hope everyone clicked on the picture, it is positively awe inspiring!

  9. Maggie, I kept scrolling down, scrolling down, wondering when I would get to your art piece. Finally I realized your art was at the beginning of the post - I thought it was an illustration from a book! Beautifully done!

  10. Very nicely done!!! Love the story and so did my daughter. I'm gonna show this to her.



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