Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hello, Spring

An appropriate theme this week at Inspiration Avenue,

hosted by Stephanie of Dragonfly Design Studios.

Even though it doesn't look much like spring around

here yet, we are all anxious to say Hello when it arrives!

This is a mixed media canvas (acrylic paint, paper, and graphite)

called Sisters.  I don't have a sister *sigh* but if I did

this is what it would be like ~ sharing  love, fantastical flowers,

and fun in the spring sunshine.

Of course "I" am the big one, and "she" would be the little one

Ha! I know things are not always perfect between sisters, 

but since I am dreaming . . .

(The "flowers" are from my 
Red Medallions collage sheet :)

Visit the Avenue on Sunday to see

all of the entries in the Hello Spring challenge!

Enjoy what's left of the weekend!


  1. Yay I'm first to comment! I love the way you made a flower into a baloon- fabulous idea!
    I don't sisters either, but I always imagined it would be like this- thanks for the smile!

  2. It's such a sweet painting, Maggie. Such a fun day for those girls in a pretty setting. I love the windswept hair.

  3. oh Maggie! that's very very pretty! the colors! the shaped! the motifs!!! i dun have a sister too ... tho i have lots of imaginary frens who does all those things with me ... in my little world ;)

  4. This painting is adorable and so colorful! Love it! Gaby xo

  5. Beautiful enchanting ..i love that you called it sisters...i have three I think it is a very speical picece! and hey I'll by your bloggy sister if you like!
    Gorgeous work! Shine on and happy spring!

  6. But Maggie, you DO have sisters! You and Stephanie, both...although I have to argue that I get to be the 'big' one :)
    I love the balloon flowers and the breeze...
    the collage sheet is awesome!

  7. Great "Hello Spring" art. So vibrant. As for sisters Bigger is only better when you are young. Believe me at my age I don't want to be bigger than my

  8. This is beautiful, I really like the style, colours and the little mandalas in the flowers. I try drawing mini mandala type doodles inside my pictures of other things. Great idea to use this beautiful medallion collage sheet - they are far better than I can draw free hand. Lol. I so wish I could paint people like you do - these two girls are really gorgeous. Maybe one day, after decades more of practice, I may do!

    Kat :-)

  9. Love this Maggie!! The colours are fantastic; the sky is the perfect shade of blue, and I love the way the wind is blowing - I can almost feel the spring breeze from here!


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