Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trying Something New
I've been having so much fun with the 21 Secrets workshops
(and I admit I'm a little overwhelmed because I don't know which
project to attempt next...I know, not much of a problem,
I'd rather be overwhelmed any day than underwhelmed, hehe.)

So I attempted the "Playing with Patterns" one because
it looked easy. Just stamp images in some kind of order, right?
Ha, it proved much more difficult than I thought,
and I was only semi-pleased with a few.
This one is not even finished, needs lots more stamping,
but I think it's off to a good start. I can't wait to have enough 
to use as journal pages or book covers.

I'm off to try to kill 2 birds with one stone
(that's a horrible saying, like a lot of old sayings.
And what about nursery rhymes? If you really
examine them, they are filled with murder and mayhem,
ghouls, witches, ogres, and heinous stepmothers. Ugh.)

But I digress. I'm off to begin something for this week's
Inspiration Avenue challenge, "Mothers".
No mean, ugly stepmother though, I promise.


  1. LOL - you're absolutely right about nursery rhymes and fairy tales. What about the cartoons from decades ago: Tom & Jerry, Road Runner, most of the Looney Tunes bunch. And they worry about violence in the media today!

  2. Yes ugly step-mother..YES! That would be sooo fun:) But, then of course I never had one. A step-mother, ugly or otherwise. After my mom and dad divorced, my dad became a priest-ly man.
    I do have a step-father though, and he' only dad now. Enuf of me...this is Maggie's song! Yeah I see a lot of beauty here. You have to see what we all see, Maggie...a very artistic, talented, perfectionist.
    I love the collage painting, abundance is a favorite word of mine. Wait! am I writing a book or leaving a comment???

  3. bes53913, you are so right about the cartoons! That's so much more recent than the origins of fairy tales...I grew up watching those cartoons and I think I turned out alright (not an ax murderer anyway...actually a pacifist to be accurate). So the whole thing is interesting...

    Lisa, same with me, my mom remarried and my dad didn't, after they got divorced. So, no stepmother. Thanks for your (always) beautiful comments! xo

  4. I LOVE this collaged painting! I'm also in 21 Secrets. Overwhelmed, too, at the moment on where to go next... But loving it. I think I'll try Tam's next! ;)


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