Friday, April 29, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

Happily Ever After
When Lisa of The Wright Stuff announced
 that the theme this week would be Royal Wedding,
 I couldn't resist creating this picture of
Wills and Kate settling into their little nest.

This is the happy couple at home when
the world does not have them under a
microscope. Of course Kate will be giving
William a little fashion advice in the 
days to come. That plaid with those
stripes, tsk tsk. 

I admit I was awake this morning at 5 a.m.
anxiously awaiting the arrival of all
the royal guests, and of course the 
bride and groom. I think it was the sense of
history being made that intrigued me.
I was thinking about other royal weddings
through the centuries taking place in a
similar fashion to this one.
My wish for William and Kate is that
things will turn out better for them 
than for some others.

Tomorrow I will be attending a real live
wedding, as my nephew and his longtime
girlfriend say their vows. 
I have the same wish for them . . . they seem
perfectly matched, so perhaps the wish will be fulfilled!

The challenge at Inspiration Avenue ends on
Saturday this week (not Sunday)
because Sunday is the start of the 
Auction for Angel Faces!
So check out the Royal Wedding entries
and be sure to stop back to bid on some
wonderful art pieces! It's all for a
tremendously good cause!


  1. It was fun watching the Royal wedding. Stunning!!
    Your art is CUTE! If you ask me a few people could use some fashion tips. But what do I know here in my PJ's.

  2. Here on the west coast it was 1 am...and there I was watching every eye popping moment. Love your pic of the whimsical royals. BTW...if her name is Catherine, shouldn't she be Cate instead of Kate?....I'm just askin'


  3. Ah yes, this is just great. Really captures the spirit of the couple. Just love it :)

  4. How fun and whimsical. This is so neat. I love collage art like this. You should do more like this.

  5. This is a great piece. I may have not be an avid watcher of the whole thing but from what parts I have heard of, it seemed very wonderful. I love your collage of the couple. I really love the birds nest, fun idea. Oh and best wishes to your nephew and his bride.

  6. Your submission is really sweet and such fun! Love Kate in those stripy socks!

    Hope your family wedding was every bit as enjoyable as yesterday's :)

  7. What a fun art submission, royal and fun!!! Love the combination. :)

  8. This is wonderful! It is so full of life and character; great fun. I love that you have them settling into their nest. I wish this could make the official royal merchandise :-)
    Kat Xx


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