Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Mothers Day...

The Challenge Theme This Week: MOTHER
A wonderful theme this week hosted by Priti.Lisa!
I chose to do an acrylic painting of a
young mother and baby.

I had some technical difficulties with this one,
to do with the paint and (watercolor) paper
not getting along. So I may use this as a study
and attempt it again on canvas. Or not...
Ugh, my attention span has been very flighty lately.
(Adult onset ADHD? IS there such a thing? If so,
I think I have it. Or maybe it's Spring Fever).
But rather than stick with this, I'm antsy to
move on to the Next Big Thing.

 Got to come up with a piece to put in the 
Inspiration Avenue 
starting on the first of May! 
I don't have a piece yet to put in the auction, 
but I have several ideas...

Go to Inspiration Avenue on Sunday afternoon
to see the interpretations of the word Mother.
I'm sure there will be a variety of amazing
entries, since the artists never disappoint!


  1. Yes, Maggie! Yes! Put this on canvas! Or not. It is a beauty and I admire the shading on the mother's gown...hard to to for me.
    I think AADD is common. Most of us relish in it.
    Your creative side...oooh how it shines!


  2. hey Maggie!!
    this piece is so gorgeous!! beautiful emotions you gave to the mommy :) and i think this would be a great piece for the charity auction!

  3. This is so beautiful- I love the tenderness you captured between mother and child. And I agree, this would be perfect for the auction!

  4. loove this piece!!!! I agree this wold be a good on canvas for the auction!!!!

  5. I lost my comment! I am not sure if it was saved or not.
    But anyway. I love this painting. Beautiful.
    I know what you mean about the ADD thingy. I feel that way all the time. So many things to do and I want to do them all. So I flit from project to project. I have 10 thing going on a once.

    Beautiful painting.

    And sorry if this is a repeat post.

    I am also in PA. Love PA.

  6. I'm a terrible flitter too!

    This is a gorgeous painting. Those are real arms holding the child in a tender embrace.

  7. So beautiful...powerful and wonderful!

  8. I love the tenderness in the mother's expression and the way she is holding her child. The blue is so beautiful, in their eyes and the background - gives a real feeling of serenity. Fabulous work Maggie! x

  9. Such sweet and loving expressions on both of the faces. Really this is precious.

  10. such a sweet painting, i love the soft delciate expression! I agree, i have adult adhd, too! too many ideas not enough time!

  11. This really deserves to be on a canvas, but I do understand the pull to move on to the next thing.

  12. Hi Maggie,
    I had to laugh at you statement about adhd...I know how you feel. I'm going through the same.
    But in all fairness your painting looks awesome! You shouldn't tell you had problems with one would know.:) I've been experimenting with the watercolor crayons and prisma color pencils and they sometimes just do not mix well. Oh and don't try putting the wax over the watercolors..gotta be careful with that.
    Wishing you a happy Easter!

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