Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yankee Girls
I've been busy organizing my new blog and just realized 
I haven't posted here in a week.
But see, I *have* been working on something!

This actually fits 2 themes,
Inspiration Avenue's weekly challenge
and a little game Suzi Blu thought up!

The theme at Inspiration Avenue is " Freedom"
so I went all patriotic with red white and blue.
An update on 7.5.10:
I forgot to mention that this started with a vintage image
of 2 girls on the beach. I lopped off their heads
and added my own heads! Plus so much paint and
do-dads  that you can hardly recognize the original image.
Good work, Gemma, for recognizing that it started
with a vintage image! Gotta love those bathing costumes. 

Suzi's theme is a Fourth of July  Petite Doll.
Suzi inspires such creativity that I want to
draw, paint, color, paste, cut out, 
and just make pretty pictures all the time.
But, alas, I have to do other things sometimes too,
so I get out my journal whenever I can.
This is all to say I am far behind and 
trying to catch up by September!

Her little games or challenges are fun because
you can put something down on paper
without worrying about getting everything exactly right.
It's all good. Cause there's no * lesson*, just fun.
Not that her lessons aren't fun. They are.
Check it out for yourself!
 Update on July 10, 2010:
The challenge at Suzi Blu's was won by Catherine,
our 'own' Catherine who is a former member
of Inspiration Avenue.

Also check out all the entries at Inspiration Avenue 
for the Freedom challenge!
They will all be posted Sunday afternoon, July 4.

Oh, and while you are checking things out,
I'd love you to visit my new  blog " On the House"
where I post freebie images whenever I can!
I'm hoping to post 1-2 new images a week.

Have a perfect Fourth of July holiday, 
all you Yankee Girls (and boys)!


  1. You must make a card or poster or print of this piece, just a joy!

  2. I agree with Peggy...this is a beautiful piece!
    Happy 4th Maggie.

  3. very charming indeed maggie! and i love the vivid colors on this ... like passion bursting out ... the freedom of the artist's passion!!

  4. What a beautiful and festive piece of art! Love it and the stars add a very nice touch! Happy 4th!

  5. Awww I love it! Such sweet girls. The dresses are so awesome. You are inspiring me to take Suzi's class. Cool.

  6. This is wonderful- I love your pieces like this one- I like ALL of your work, but these are my favorites!

  7. I love what you created for this week's challenge Maggie, you really should open a shop for your art!

  8. This is a cute vintage style piece. Your girls have great faces. There is so much good art on the net. It makes me happy.

  9. What a clever idea to put your own heads on. I'm gonna have to try that sometime. Such a lovely pic!

  10. Maggie, what a great creation!
    I learn SO much from all of you in Suzi Skool! There really is potential in almost everything, isn't there?!
    Joining Les Petit Academy is the best thing I have ever done for myself, because I am surrounded by so much talent and generosity!
    Keep having fun, and keep up the great work!

  11. Thank you all for your lovely comments! You make my day!

    Christa, that is so true about going to "Skool" at Suzi's! There is so much talent there, you could spend the whole day and not see it all!

  12. oh how great ..makes me want to go play!!

  13. What a fab painting, love their hair ~ wild! Playing is the fun bit!! Enjoy!


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